Funimation is a Japanese company responsible for distributing the anime medium subbed and dubbed in English. In 2016, they released their streaming service, which has seen tremendous success with over 50 million subscribers across all countries where it’s available (except Canada). 

Whether you want high-quality releases of your favorite shows or are interested in supporting this industry as well – there could not be a better reason than why everyone should subscribe to Funimation outside the USA if they haven’t yet. Moreover, you can also get Funimation outside the USA with a VPN. If you’re looking into getting your favorite show on Funimation, then here are 8 reasons why everyone should subscribe: 

1. Funimation Has One Of The Largest Anime Libraries In The World

The anime business is not one to shy away from a good act, even in the face of the proliferation of streaming platforms, each of which promotes shows that are unique to themselves. The fact that Funimation has its impressive collection of animation is among the most compelling arguments in favor of subscribing to the service. The sheer variety of its exclusives is one of the things that sets them apart.

The Funimation collection has many critically renowned animation films that are unavailable to view anywhere else. Shows that are cooking out soon, past relics and modern shows are considered masterpieces. Everything may be found on Funimation.

Because the entirety of Funimation’s catalog has been dubbed into English, this streaming service is ideal for anyone who would rather watch than read subtitles. You will not discover a collection of big names on the website; however, if you utilize a service such as, you will be able to find out which shows are now available. 

2. The Anime Shows Are Streamed in High Quality

Funimation is required if you are a fan of anime and are looking for a location to view the most recent anime releases in the highest possible quality. Funimation provides its episodes in a high quality that may be considered on a specialized video player developed to get the most from the animation. All of Funimation’s content is available to view in full 1080p resolution on whatever device you want.

3. Enjoy the Latest Anime Episodes Dubbed

If simulcasts were already a significant accomplishment, then Funimation chose to take things to the next level by developing SimulDubs. SimulDubs are broadcasts that are very similar to simulcasts; however, instead of delivering anime with English subtitles, they broadcast anime with an English dub. You can see the most recent series dubbed in English in just a few hours from when they originally aired, thanks to SimulDubs.

Funimation maintains a studio open for 18 hours daily to provide high-quality dubbing. It is the only streaming platform that offers this function. If you wish to view the most recent episodes of your favorite shows with English subtitles, you must subscribe to Funimation.

4. Stay Up to Date With Latest Episodes

You can now watch your favorite anime series with English subtitles online just a few hours after it aired on Japanese TV, thanks to a technology called “simulcast,” which was introduced relatively recently in the world of anime streaming. Unlike fans of TV shows, who could simply sit and watch the most recent episode of their favorite program, anime viewers could not do the same because of the communication barrier and the fact that they did not have access to Japanese television channels.

Funimation is now airing reruns of a significant proportion of the currently running animation, so if there is a show you couldn’t afford to see every week, it is a good possibility that it is on Funimation. This is no longer the case, however, thanks to simulcasts, which make it possible to view newly broadcast episodes as soon as they made available. They are an excellent approach to staying inform without being exposed to spoilers.

5. The Packages Are Affordable

Funimation is a streaming platform that can access on various devices, from mobile phones and tablets to televisions and game consoles. It offers packages at reasonable prices. Fans can also view a specific selection of episodes in high definition for free, although doing so will require you to see advertisements before each episode.

Premium subscriptions are the most popular ones offered by Funimation. There is Premium which allows streaming on two devices. Plus gives you access to streaming on five devices and lets you download anime episodes offline. The premium packages can obtained for a monthly fee of $7.99 for Premium and $5.99 for Premium Plus.

6. Funimation Supports The Anime Industry

Piracy is among the most significant challenges facing the anime industry. Even though it is unethical and against the law, the fact of the matter is that a population segment is either unable to gain access to a streaming service or is unable to subscribe to one. There is no limit to the number of currently online websites that offer free streaming.

If you are a fan of anime, one thing you can do is lend your support to the various websites that are inextricably related to the anime industry. Moreover, you can demonstrate the support you have for anime platforms that you can access in your capacity as a fan. Through your action, you will be able to demonstrate that there is a demand for anime outside of Japan and a fanbase that is supportive of the industry.

7. Fans Can Use Funimation Free Account

If you have a free membership, you will only have access to a subset of the over 600 series hosted on Funimation. Most of the time, the older titles are the ones that are available to stream for free, while more recent content only has previews or trailers available.

You can watch the initial episode or two of particular recent series if you have a free account; however, after that, you will need to subscribe to be able to see more episodes in those series.

Everything that needs to paid for has a red subscribe button and is located on the upper left of the thumbnail. This makes it simple to determine the shows you can access and those you cannot access.

8. Anime Episodes Are Available on Multiple Devices

Funimation offers its users various ways to watch their favorite shows. Episodes are available on the website, mobile apps, and smart TVs. Users can find a way to watch their favorite anime, no matter where or what they’re doing. Plus, with new episodes released every week, there’s always something new. Funimation has something for you.


If you’re still on the fence about subscribing to Funimation, we hope we’ve given you a few good reasons why it’s worth your time and money. With one of the largest anime libraries in the world, Funimation has something for everyone. And with new content being add every week, there’s always something new to watch.