There are a lot of reasons why you might consider investing in crypto. The common misconception is that you need a lot of cash to start investing in crypto, but that’s not the case.
However, picking the right coin to invest in is the most difficult part. To narrow your options in the search for the best coin on the market, you might want to take into account its security and its long-term potential.
One such coin with enormous potential and state-of-the-art security is ZCash. This coin launched in 2016 and ever since its inception, we’ve only seen it grow.
If you are wondering whether 2022 is the right time to invest in ZCash, continue reading.

ZCash aims to become real money

The ultimate goal of cryptocurrency is to replace fiat currency and give complete financial control to the individual. Cryptocurrency is different from fiat, where money is controlled by the central bank. With cryptocurrency blockchain, you enjoy full rights to your funds. Furthermore, you can store your cryptocurrencies in hard or soft wallets, which are a million times more secure than keeping funds in the bank or under your mattress.

Even with that, most cryptos suffer from privacy risks. For example, Bitcoin transactions are made over the internet, and everyone on the blockchain can see the amount being sent. This is not the way banks operate. With banks, only you and the banker know about the transaction.

ZCash is the solution to cryptos’ privacy problems. By using ZCash, you enjoy full ownership of your currency and on top of that, all your transactions are completely confidential. The more people discover the privacy benefits that come with using ZCash, the more this crypto will grow.

ZCash aims to become real money


It’s estimated that since users feel more comfortable with making private transactions,  ZCash will grow exponentially in the following years, which makes it the perfect platform to invest in.

ZCash offers very low transaction fees

Network fees are one of the reasons cryptocurrencies are not practical as currencies. To give you an example, making Bitcoin right now is financially unfeasible. This is also the case with Ethereum and other big-name cryptocurrencies.

However, this is not the case with ZCash. Besides being the epitome of privacy on the blockchain, ZCash also offers the lowest cost fees in crypto. Regardless of the number of transactions you make or how big the amount is, ZCash fee rates will always offer competitive fees. 

Since businesses are keen on incorporating cryptocurrency as the standard payment method in the coming years, this places ZCash in the perfect spot. Users around the world will want to keep the transaction fees at a bare minimum and make some profit.

ZCash can be purchased on most exchanges

It’s safe to say that ZCash is one of the top cryptocurrencies along with Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is also available on almost all major crypto exchanges, which says a lot about the coin. If the coin doesn’t fulfill all the requirements it can get delisted from crypto exchanges fast. But that’s not the case with ZCash as it can be bought in a variety of locations easily. 

Furthermore, ZCash’s long-term growth is aided by a variety of benefits. Liquidity is the first and most significant. ZCash is easily available and millions can buy or sell it. This means that the price remains stable. While it may fluctuate with the market, there is no sudden spike in price due to individual trading activities. This is an important factor in attracting big money. Without liquidity, no big investor would invest millions in crypto.

ZCash is immune to attacks

A cryptocurrency is only as good as its security features. Cryptocurrencies that can be compromised easily are considered pretty much worthless. As a matter of fact, any cryptocurrency that has ever been compromised never recovers in value.

ZCash does not have this problem. It is one of the most decentralized cryptocurrencies on the market, which makes it pretty hard to attack. There is no central authority to attack and even shut it down. ZCash security is enhanced by using a proof-of-work mining algorithm.

With such a level of security, coupled with its strong use case, ZCash’s long-term potential is quite high.

Final Thoughts

ZCash is the next big thing in cryptocurrency. That’s why this might be the right time to invest in it. If you are interested and you want to invest in a secure coin with excellent potential in the future, you can add ZCash to your list. It’s probably one of the best privacy coins you can bet on. 

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