This native framework helps create real and exciting mobile apps using JavaScript only and supports both iOS and Android, which means that by programming only once, you’ll get two apps for both platforms; this shortens the development time.

We can say that mobile phones have become an essential part of everyone’s life. However, when developing iOS or Android apps, companies are confused between offering brilliant UI applications with an excellent UX user experience and applications compatible with various platforms that are essentially easy to develop. So here comes the role of development using React Native.

React Native Framework live well known for its support from Facebook and now enjoys a vast support community today, mainly based on the React GS ReactJS library, which has strongly competed with the long-standing AngularJS framework. However, there are still differences between this platform and its foundation.
With the help of React Native, pyramidal interface components can live built to generate JavaScript code, with a set of parts for both iOS and Android to build applications that look like they’re design with their original platforms. On the other hand, the React GS library is an open-source javascript library for creating user interfaces. But both are developed by Facebook and use the same design principles except for interface design.
Because you use the same code to create iOS, Android and web apps, all you need to do is find out both HTML along with CSS and JavaScript.

What’s so special about using react Native? How important is responding to Native? Why is the react-native framework used? What are the pros and cons of using the react native framework?

How Important Is React Native Framework?

Using it, you can generate interfaces for both iOS and Android. An open-source framework may soon become compatible with other platforms such as Windows and TVOS. Allows reuse to build iOS and Android apps.

React Native Framework components can remain entered directly into the application code, or a Cordova-built code can be reused with a plugin, but the app must be built using Cordova and Ionic. Development using react native is easy, fast and efficient compared to others.

It’s easy for experienced JavaScript developers to learn JavaScript. So you don’t need to learn Java to specialize with Android or Swift with iOS. React Native’s focus on user interfaces makes applications fast and smooth.

React Native Framework helps fill the gap between focusing on a broad market and profitability because iOS users are fewer than Android users. Yet, iOS users are returning more profitably. Companies have previously had to decide to solve the dilemma, namely, focusing on profit by building only iOS apps or building a broad user base by building android apps only.

Why Is The React Native Framework Used?

The first and most important reason is that the developer will write javascript code once so that he can enjoy mobile applications, and here are some positives:

Transient use of platforms:

The Native Framework was invent as a basis for development for iOS and achieve widespread success. Facebook decided to support Android.

High performance:

initially, hybrid applications (web and mobile) were not typical, and performance problems appeared in complex applications. This is why the react-native framework came to translate the code into a code written in the mother platform language, helping to work on the two operating systems without performance problems.

On the other hand, this Native Framework has rapid development benefits, as components, you can reuse and maintain facilitates, saving time. Which has prompted many companies. And individuals use it along with NodeJS to create impressive mobile applications.

As for the negatives, we mention:

Improvement takes time:

This Native Framework is not flawless and has problems that are still resolving. As some software units are missing, forcing you to waste your time building your teams.

Still technically limited:

Although the elements that come with react Framework do not require advanced technical expertise. Some subtle problems need expert developers.

Its existence is uncertain: Native Framework

Since Facebook developed this Native. Its existence has become unsure because Facebook has the right to stop the project at any moment. However, this is unlikely at present due to its wide popularity.


Although The React Native Framework has some flaws, it passes all the tests and obstacles to become the first choice for many mobile application companies. Developers who use it see agility, ease, efficiency, low cost, and workload. What makes the process exciting is not focusing on both iOS. And Android application development platforms. For these reasons, many global companies rely on this framework to build their applications day by day.