Lead generation is one of the most vital aspects of a company. As the Pearl Lemon Leads
would say, a lead is always a customer. When a company generates leads, they increase its
influence, its brand reach, and overall expands its market size. To neglect this aspect is to
hinder a company’s growth, thus leading to stagnation or even worse, failure. This article shall
discuss ways to generate leads in various social media platforms as part of a helpful insight to
hopefully aid the business of today

Leads on Different Platforms

Today’s digital age is littered with people all over social media. With over 4.26 billion people
reportedly using social media based on a 2021 report, platforms such as Instagram, Facebook,
or even Tiktok are bound to have a great number of leads. The opportunity on these platforms is
a must-get if explosive growth is something to aim for.


This is one of the social media giants in the industry since the popularity of online networks
dawned. Launched in 2004, and owned by Mark Zuckerberg, they now have the most colorful
feature in terms of generating leads, Facebook ads. According to the latest data released by
Meta, there are currently 2.96 billion Facebook users. Now, this both creates a large opportunity
and a large challenge that shall be discussed later.


Being one of the largest social media platforms is not an easy feat, and Instagram had its way.
With 2 billion monthly active users, marketing on Instagram has been in the sights of brand
companies. Instagram leans more on visuals overall, and capitalizing on this feature provides a
great window for leads.


With all the controversy sparking around this social media platform, they still can’t deny the
rising popularity of Tiktok. The CEO of Tiktok, Shou Zi Chew, launched their application in 2016.
Since then, they have gathered more and more users, reaching a billion monthly users at
incredible speed. Tiktok uses short-form videos for its content. Their CEO has boasted their
platform is a safe space for freedom of speech.

The Challenge in Lead Generation

It is important to acknowledge that having a large population on a platform poses its challenges
as well. It is not just like scooping users and then converting them into customers. The biggest
challenge that these large social media platforms and lead generation in them poses is in fact,
relevance. A lot of times, having all these users will create a diverse population that doesn’t
always align with your target market. This will always be a challenge in the industry and luckily
there are proven techniques that work around this

Five Techniques in Social Media Lead Generation

Use Campaign Ads

A lot of social media platforms offer ad campaigns for different users, especially Facebook
which completely revolutionizes this feature. For the right price, companies can have their brand
advertise to users that the algorithm deems relevant to their brand or content. This greatly
diminishes the number of irrelevant leads that are redirected to a company. Social Media
platforms also have a great number of tweaks a user can do for the campaign for better results.
Companies that utilize Facebook ads have seen a great increase in their lead generation in a
matter of weeks.

Profile Optimization

This might be perhaps one of the steps that companies must never skip. In social media, how
one portrays themselves is a top priority. This ultimately for exposure and increases the
conversion rate of a company’s lead. But also having an enticing profile will lead to more users
clicking on a company’s page. A well-branded profile, optimized with great images, and supplied
with all the necessary information will always be a step higher than competitors that did not put
in that much effort in optimizing their profile. First impressions might be everything, and in a
given scenario, users are more likely to indulge themselves in brand pages that have an
enticing look full of information.

SEO keywords in Captions

The ability to post content on social media gives their users the feature to provide a caption for
their posts. This is also a great opportunity to give out optimized keywords that are good for a
company’s brand SEO. Capitalizing on this aspect greatly affects their brand in the algorithm of
each social media. It is also greatly helpful to utilize hashtags that are in trend or popularly used
to maximize the potential of posted content.

Consistent Content Upload

Consistency is vital in building the presence of a company on social media platforms. Constantly
posting content and having updates that users can follow will improve lead generation. Having
specific schedules or using content managers makes this process easier. Companies must be
sure to utilize tools to have a consistent upload schedule, or just improve their social media
presence in general. A dead page happens when there is no content uploaded in a long time. To
prevent that to happen, and to continually gather followers, consistently uploading content is an
important step.

Providing Backlinks for Everything

This might be part of profile optimization or optimizing captions, but in general, it is essential that
companies provide links back to everything. It may be a blog page, service page, official
website, or even to other social media profiles. Link insertion everywhere ups the chance that
users might see it and accidentally or not, might click on them. It overall increases lead
generation and this feature is completely free. Where there is a place for links, use them. There
is no reason for companies not to do this as it does not cost anything, in exchange for
generating more leads.

Capitalizing Social Media Space

It is without a doubt that social media is a large space with a large population of users. With
billions of people on social media, opportunities are everywhere. Employing the right technique
to efficiently capitalize on this is the right path for growth. Companies are expanding into this
space, and the ecosystem of each platform improves as well. To not indulge in this economy is
a great mistake in today’s age where it is super easy to get brands out there. Honing lead
generation techniques must be a top priority for top companies right now.

The Author

The Author

Mika Tomada

Is a PR Specialist from Pearl Lemon. They are an all-around writer dealing with a variety of brands daily. They are based in the Philippines, and off-working hours you’d usually find them pursuing their love for arts and crafts

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