The most significant change in Microsoft’s Office documents in decades will soon begin, with the company’s Fluid framework reaching Microsoft Times, Outlook, OneNote and Whiteboard.
Microsoft unveiled Fluid for the first time last year. Explaining how the framework allows blocks of Office content to exist independently across the web.

This idea is now a reality, with collective content copied, pasted and shared with others. Instead of tables, graphs. And fixed lists associated with specific documents, Fluid components are collaborative modules found across different applications.

This summer, the components start appearing at Microsoft times and can be included in meetings and conversations. Fluid’s launch coincides with the return of staff to their offices and the emergence of a new mixed work experience.

Microsoft creation using Fluid is the most significant change in Office in decades. While Fluid seemed like a future concept during its unveiling last year. Its launch this week highlights the extent of the change.

Microsoft reveals Fluid

Each Microsoft Times meeting will soon experience collaborative, integrated observations. Notes appear at the Microsoft Times meeting or in the Outlook calendar. In addition, anyone in the invitation can start writing in real-time.

If you add a task, it’s instantly synced with your other functions via Microsoft 365. For example, meeting notes are automatically synchronized with your Outlook calendar, where you can also edit them in real-time.

“We want cooperation to be available before the meeting begins,” Microsoft said. Since meeting notes are direct and real-time. You can even copy them in an app like OneNote and still see everyone making adjustments to them.

The components have the potential to change how everybody can get to work through Microsoft Times and Office. This is because they are fast and without sync time, just like Google Docs.

Microsoft has had similar collaboration tools at Office for some time. The restriction is done by them by static documents. Microsoft is also altering its Whiteboard app into a canvas to host Fluid mechanisms.

New collaboration indicators appear in Whiteboard. Allowing you to see co-workers’ additions to the document in real-time.

You can use a new virtual laser pointer to attract people’s attention or interactive stickers to make the Whiteboard look more vibrant.

It is such as tables or to-do lists can also be included in Whiteboard. And the entire app now looks the same on all devices and platforms.

Microsoft Excellence Adds New Features

Jared Spataro, president of Microsoft 365, explains: this new layout visually moves the video gallery down the screen. As a result, participants in the room can see distant colleagues face to face across a horizontal c level as if they were in the same room.

“Microsoft uses its new Fluid components to run this layout. Agenda, tasks and observations are all collaborative and up-to-date in real-time. The meeting chat will be evident in this presentation, giving everyone an equal footing to participate in the meeting.

In addition to this new view, Microsoft is also adjusting how it manages video calls at Microsoft times.
New video layouts for Microsoft times rooms use the larger screen space for screens usually found in conference rooms. It is to highlight participants remotely more clearly.

A similar redesign, they redesign the platform via Surface Hub. The new meeting panel, contains conversation bubbles, live feedback. And all Microsoft’s most unique Timms features, enter the preview phase for Surface Hub owners later this month.

The update is done with the new whiteboard design that may be releasing this summer. As many companies begin to reopen offices. And move to the mixed workforce. It will add many new features to the platform designed to make it easier for co-workers to connect, regardless of whether they work from the Office or home.

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