Google chrome web browser dominates the market with a market share of 64 per cent as of November 2021. Many desire to use it thanks to its high speed as well as the variety of additions available to it and therefore the diversity of its functions and their significant differences.

You can also fully customize your browser’s appearance with plugins and features that you can upload to your browser.

Google launched Chrome browser in 2008 for the first time, but it was based on Apple’s WebKit engine to produce pages.
In 2013, Google decided to intemperance WebKit to use its engine called Blink. It was the real beginning of the Chrome browser as we know it today.

Google chrome’s popularity has increased so much in recent times that many users consider it the best internet browser.

Google has also contributed a lot to spread the browser through android mobile phones and desktops, where the browser is connected in all android plans and mobiles from different companies.


google always relies on open source apps and then customizes them and adds some touches to them to become their own.

It was not much different with Google Chrome, where Google relied on the open-source version Chromium before putting its touches on it.

Many browsers now rely on Chromium for being open source and offer many features, including the new Microsoft Edge browser, the well-known Opera browser and brave browser, which focuses heavily on privacy and protection.

Chromium Kernel offers many features for companies to rely on, saving companies time to develop the browser kernel and solve a lot of compatibility problems between the browser, websites, and extensions. It also makes it easier for developers to build plugins to work with more than one browser together.

Users can download Chromium directly, basically enjoying a Google Chrome-style browser without Google’s additional functionality.

Comparison between Google Chrome and Chromium

Although the browsers rely on the same nucleus, they differ from each other at a critical and fundamental privacy point.

Google always remains an online advertising company no matter how many other services or features it has provided. They also continue to use these features to publish their ads better.

As a result, chrome, like all Google services, has a lot of tracking tools to analyze and record user behaviour.

These tools have prompted many international newspapers to attack Google Chrome and Google’s policies with it. The Washington Post described it as a spy app. Forbes advised that it should be removed.

Chromium avoids all these privacy problems and questions. It is part of the open-source software community.

Chromium comes without Google features that threaten privacy or its various services. You can also access all Chrome features of add-ons or speed of browsing and excellent compatibility with sites via Chromium without fear of spying on problems and other things.

As a result, many sites recommend using Chromium instead of Google Chrome to protect your online privacy.

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