Sufiyum Sujathayum is a 2020 Indian Malayalam-language romantic drama movie written and directed by Naranipuzha Shanavas. Vijay Babu also produced it under his production company, Friday Film House. The film stars Aditi Rao Hydari, Jayasurya, and Dev Mohan in the main roles. It was released on 3 July 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. This film was Dev Mohan’s debut film.
Sufiyum Sujatayum remained released on Amazon Prime Video on 3 July 2020. It remained originally programmed for a theatrical release, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it remained only released on the OTT platform. It is the second Malayalam film with a direct OTT release after Fourth River. Baradwaj Rangan of Film Companion South defined it as a classy romance that is more restrained and keeps viewers at arm’s length.

Everything about Sufiyum Sujatayum

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Sujata remains a mute single daughter of Kamala and  Mallikarjunan, a Hindu family. She is also a brilliant Kathak dancer. Sujata meets Sufi on a bus one day. Sufi remains a whirling dervish and a Muslim professor who returns after an expedition to meet with his Ustad (master).
There, he loses his misbaha (prayer beads), and later, Sujata returns it to him. Subsequently, one day, Sufi gave his misbaha to Sujata as a reward from his mother. Soon after, they fall in Love and agree to elope. Instead, her father marries her to a well-to-do NRI Rajeev in Dubai.
Bearing in mind that the Hindu Nationalists claim interfaith relationships as fraud Love Jihad, Sujata’s father argues with Ustad regarding the consequences of Love. Five years later, she thinks that Love is lost.

When did Sufi return to the village?

After ten years, Sufi returns to the village. Ustad is no more. At the Mosque cemetery, Sufi visits his grave. Imam finds him there and gives him the invitation inside. Sufi gives out the call to prayer and assembly of people. Unfortunately, he expires through that prayer.
Sujata is depressed by the news of Sufi’s demise. Her husband, Rajeev, agrees to bring her back to the village to go to the burial. They go to the funeral only after Sufi’s body is in the procedure of burial. However, Rajeev visits the grave since females aren’t permitted inside.
Later that evening, Rajeev learns about the loss of his passport. After looking for it universally, he concludes that it could’ve dropped from his pocket into the grave. Rajeev, his father-in-law Mallikarjunan, and their tenant Kumaran decide to unearth the grave.
But the trio ends up backbiting with one another when they can’t find anything. Meanwhile, Sujatha arrives with her hidden passport to return the misbaha once the grave remains unearthed. They return to Dubai and stop fighting.

The cast of the movie

  • Jayasurya played Dr V.R Rajeev, Sujata’s Husband
  • Aditi Rao Hydari played Sujata, Rajeev’s Wife
  • Dev Mohan played Sufi, Sujata’s old Lover
  • Siddique played Mallikarjunan, Sujata’s Father
  • Mamukkoya played Imam Salman Hassan
  • Hareesh Kanaran played Ashokan,  a taxi Driver
  • Kalarenjini as Kamala, Sujata’s Mother
  • Valsala Menon as Sujata’s Grandmother
  • Manikandan Pattambi as Kumaran
  • Swami Shoonya as Ustad Aboob
  • Madhumohan Kuttamparambath
  • Lohan Balan as Moosakka
  • Priya Sunny as Airhostess

Sufiyum Sujathayum review

Whirling dervishes, a protagonist named Sufi, background music with the word ‘roohi’ thrown in regularly every time the Sufi’s lady love appears on screen, a clarinet-playing old Sufi saint in a Jinn mosque.
All the elements one could associate with a mystical romance are in place in Naranipuzha Shanavas’s Sufiyum Sujatayum, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. But, all the visual elements being there would still not make up for the absence of a film’s ‘rooh’ (soul), a script with well-etched characters.
Ironically, much of the work in burnishing the movie’s sufi credentials remains limited to the surface, in its visuals and music, which it gets right. In that respect, it starkly contrasts Shanavas’s debut film Kari, a bare-to-the-bone independent work noted for its strong critique of casteism.

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