The Apple smartwatch has a wide range of features and functionality, but most of these functions disappear behind several options to activate them.

You can use shortcuts in the apple watch to get to these functions a little quicker than usual.
These shortcuts are based on functions that previously happen per hour, and you need to activate the shortcut before you start using it in this digital watch.

Silent Mode Runs Fast

In many cases, voice alerts are useful but cause inconvenience if you’re in a meeting and forget to put the watch in silent mode. You can turn the watch straight into silent mode by casing it with just your hand without pressing any button.

You can activate this feature by working on the smartwatch app on your phone, choosing sound and vibration and then starting the option of turning the watch into silent mode by covering it. When you activate this choice, you can turn the watch into silent at any time directly by covering the face of the watch.

Wake Up the Watch Inside the Last App You’ve Been Using

The apple watch has several different and diverse apps that you can use to get more jobs, read messages, and socialize. But when you put the smartwatch to sleep or leave it for a few minutes without use, this app automatically closes, and you then need to open it again.

You can activate the watch wake selection in the last app you used directly without having to open it manually.

You can activate this choice by following the following steps:

  • Go to the watch settings and then the general settings.
  • Then head to choose to wake up the clock.
  • Within this section, you’ll find a choice to automatically wake the watch in the last app you’ve been using, and you can control how long the app is used, whether it’s the final two minutes or the last hour.

Use Default Responses in the Apple Smartwatch

You can process a set of default responses to different messages and then choose the reply you want easily over the hour. You can use this shortcut to reply to messages rapidly or avoid typing and using the screen altogether.
To activate this feature, you must follow the following steps:

Head to the apple watch app on your phone and choose the messages section.

Within the messaging section, you’ll find a choice of default responses. Click on them to control and add default responses via the apple smartwatch as you wish.

Default responses seem directly in front of you when you open the messages app and choose to reply to the message.

Use Sleep Mode in Apple Smartwatch

The Apple smartwatch can track a lot of data about how you sleep and thus help you get a better total of sleep more comfortably.

But not all users may want to trail their nap over the clock, and you can turn the watch into a minor alarm that displays the time and your optional wake-up time. You can do this by putting the watch on its side instead of lying on the screen or its back.

You can also use new focus modes per hour to connect this mode to your iPhone so that the phone also enters silent mode.


These shortcuts are based on purposes that already exist per hour, and you need to activate these shortcuts before you start using them. Isn’t this amazing about the apple watch. Read the whole article to know about the shortcuts and how you can activate and use them.

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