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How Do Screen Protection Stickers Protect Against Damage?


Screen Protection Stickers Protect Against Damage? The protective label protects the screen from scratches and blows you may experience. However, according to the prevailing perception, the ability of the brand to protect the screen is overestimated.

Although most people buy protection chips for their smartphones today, I don’t understand how to protect your phone screen? It is a thin transparent plastic slice, or so it looks, so how can it protect the screen from various types of material damage? If that is true, how can it be so cheap?
But it became clear to me that the concept of screen protection is different from what is familiar.

What’s The Screen Protection Chip?

For its protective sheet, it is a thin plate of a set of materials that are glued to an electronic device screen to protect its outer surface from physical damage such as scratches, known as a screen protector. It is made of reinforced armoured glass – similar to the device’s screen – or from plastic materials such as polyethene terephthalate (pet) or thermal plastic polyurethane (tpu).

For screen protection, it protects modern electronic device screens plastic protection sheets are cheaper, thinner and more flexible than glass. While glass stickers are much like the original device screen and are more resistant to surface scratches.

Anyone might think that screen protection chips have great features. Protecting the screen from scratches, but that’s not true.

How Does The Protective Chip Protect The Device’s Screen?

The protective label protects the screen by receiving all scratches and material damage. Thereby saving the screen below.

Eat Me! Isn’t That The Worst Thing That Could Happen?

When an “unprotected” phone falls to the ground or is scratched, the real damage will fall directly to the device’s screen. However, if the screen is made of “gorilla glass” known for its resistance to physical blows, it may remain in good condition if the device falls badly.

Any electronic device without a firm screen surface. Its screen will crack or suffer an enormous and ugly scratch if it does not carry a screen protection sticker.

Here the role of the protection chip appears, it is more fragile than the screen, but when a bad fall occurs, the adhesive absorbs most of the shock, leaving the screen intact unharmed, at least theoretically.

Broken Screen Protection Chip

Not only does the scratched phone screen look bad, it negatively affects the screen’s sensitivity to touch, which is why protective stickers are commonly used for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

But remember that your protective fitness will not protect your phone screen from all potential material damage.

For Screen Protection And Media Hype

Even though protection stickers protect the phone screen by resisting surface scratches, a significant misunderstanding is a belief that it is the comprehensive solution to potential damage on the net.

If you drop your phone with a protective chip. The screen may avoid scratching or breaking, but in many cases, it depends on the type of protection chip you use. Some of them protect only the top surface of the phone screen. The part you see and usually deal with. for mobile phone screens for protection stickers.

Don’t expect that these chips can prevent various types of physical damage to your phone screen.

What’s The Best Alternative To Screen Protection Chips?

The phone’s portfolio offers a much better level of smartphone protection than a protective chip, as it surrounds the edges, corners and back of the phone. Making it more effective to absorb the effects in those parts.

Be sure to get a phone wallet for comprehensive phone protection. Some people put both methods on their smartphones to increase protection against material damage. Protection is generally a good extra way to protect your screen from minor scratches and damage. But don’t expect it to be a super solution to potential physical damage to your phone.

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