Nvidia announces as part of the GTC autumn event that jetson integrating systems are updating with the design on the company’s Orin chip. Orin, scheduled to be introduced early next year, will become the company’s leading chip system for advanced automotive and computing applications.

Nvidia Orin allows non-automotive customers through jetson’s built-in computing software, making the chip system available in a stand-alone standard package. Jetson single-panel computers have become an essential tool for the company, serving as an entry point to help Bootstrap developers in the company’s ecosystem. And as a built-in computing product in itself.

Its panels are sold as complete single-panel systems on the chip, memory, storage, input and output, allowing them to operate as commercial systems ready for use in finished products. Jetson modules also uses as the basis for Jetson developers’ groups from Invidia, which provide a separate panel, power source. And other parts necessary to interact with Jetson units fully.

With the arrival of the system on the Orin chip in early 2022. The company is taking advantage of this opportunity to advertise the next generation of Jetson products. The company launched Jetson AGX Xavier, a $1,100 artificial intelligence brain for robots, in 2018.

The new jetson version is called AGX Orin and has six times the processing power of Jetson AGX Xavier even though it comes in the same way and can fit in with the palm.

Invidia announces Jetson AGX Orin

The chipmaker says Jetson AGX Orin can perform 200 trillion operations per second. It is built on the architecture of the ampere graphics processing unit with the 2048 CUDA kernel.

The company designed Jetson AGX Orin to be an energy-efficient AI supercomputer. It intends for use in robots and independent medical devices. In addition to advanced AI applications that may seem impossible right now.

This comprises 12 Arm Cortex-A78AE cores of Hercules CPU. It also comes with the next generation of deep DLA learning. And vision accelerators to further accelerate and efficiently process tasks.

It gives them the ability to run many AI applications. In addition, Jetson AGX Orin offers users access to the company’s software and digital tools. Including the scalable robotics simulation app NVIDIA Isaac Sim.

Experience Games Via Invidia

Relying on powerful hardware on its servers, the company has broadcast games in quality close to PlayStation 4 or home computers. But this excellence requires a set of conditions to use it and take advantage of it. As you must have a strong internet connection.

In addition to being an Internet distributor, it uses 5.0GHz Wi-Fi networks to reduce any delay in responding to orders. It would help if you also have an extensive internet package. With games consuming more than 50 Mbps when broadcasting with the highest possible accuracy and highest graphical level.

When you complete all these circumstances. You get an exclusive and unique gaming experience, where you can take advantage of all Invidia technologies via Geforce Now. It means using techniques such as dlss to raise the accuracy of the game based on artificial intelligence with different radiology tracking techniques.

The gaming experience on high and low beats is very close to the home gaming experience, according to reports and experiences from the service. Some reports have tested Control. Shadow oF the Tomb Raider and Destiny 2 games so that they can determine the quality of service in more than one different scenario.


NVIDIA Isaac Sim provides physically realistic and accurate virtual environments. As a result, developers can test and manage ai-powered robots. In addition, there is NVIDIA Clara imaging and genomics supported by artificial intelligence for healthcare users. The company also provides NVIDIA Drive to self-driving vehicle developers.