Nse: Triveni – Triveni is referring to Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited. However, which is a diversified business group based in India, Triveni has three main business segments:

Sugar: Triveni is one of India’s largest integrated sugar manufacturers, with sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

Engineering: Triveni’s engineering business includes manufacturing high-precision components for aerospace, automotive, and other industries. The Nse: Triveni also has a joint venture with GE for manufacturing steam turbines and generators.

Water Management: Triveni offers a range of water management solutions, including the design, engineering, and execution of turnkey projects, water treatment and desalination, and wastewater treatment.

Triveni has a strong track record of growth and profitability and has received several awards and recognitions for its performance and sustainability initiatives. However, as with any investment, conducting research and consulting with a financial advisor before making investment decisions is essential.

The current stock market price on Nse: Triveni is 286.50

Nse: Triveni Engineering Share Price Chart

10.70( 3.88 %) 275.8 275.8 287.65 275.1 284.7 281.7
Trade Information
Traded Volume (Shares)  –     7,43950
Traded Value (₹ Lakhs)    –     2,095.71
Total Market Cap (₹ Lakhs)  –    6,27,142.68
Free Float Market Cap (₹ Lakhs)  –    2,43,048.98
Impact cost           –        0.08

Price Information:

52 Week High (19-Apr-2022)      –  374.50
52 Week Low (20-Jun-2022)       –  211.05
Upper Band                                   –   330.95
Lower Band                                   – 220.65
Price Band                                     –  20

Nse: Triveni Engineering Share Buyback

Nse: Triveni Engineering Share Buyback

According to Chittorgarh, the Nse: Triveni Company was one of India’s largest integrated sugar manufacturers in 1932 and the marketing lead in the engineering business.

Moreover, They provide a high-quality product in India. Meanwhile, the Nse: Triveni has a total crushing capacity of 61000 TCD (The Sugar Business).

However,  It is among the most significant players in the engineering business, including power transmission solutions and water and waste water treatment (“Engineering Business”).

The Nse: Triveni owns two leading companies:

Power Transmission Works (“PTB”) and Water Works (“WB”).

The Nse: Triveni  PTB comprises three business segments: equipment, defense, and design and printing, while WB’s offerings include customized and sustainable engineering, procurement, and construction solutions/services.

Nse: Triveni Subsidiaries

Nse: Triveni Subsidiaries

NSE: Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited, which is listed on the National Stock Exchange (Nse: Triveni) of India, has several subsidiaries in various business segments. Some of the major subsidiaries of Triveni are:

Triveni Turbine Limited: Triveni Turbine Limited is a joint venture between Triveni Engineering and GE Energy Products France. The company designs, manufactures, and services steam turbines and turbo-generators.

Triveni Ethanol Limited: Triveni Ethanol Limited is a subsidiary of Triveni Engineering that produces ethanol and other chemicals from molasses, a by-product of the sugar manufacturing process.

Triveni SRI Green Energy Limited: Triveni SRI Green Energy Limited is a joint venture between Triveni Engineering and SRI Ventures Limited. The Nse: Triveni is engaged in the development, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects, including biomass and bagasse-based power plants.

Triveni Infrastructure Development Company Limited: Triveni Infrastructure Development Company Limited is a subsidiary of Triveni Engineering that provides infrastructure development services, including engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for power, water, and other infrastructure projects.

Triveni Engineering & Industries (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.: Triveni Engineering & Industries (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Triveni Engineering that is engaged in the trading of sugar, molasses, and other commodities.

Triveni Share Price Target Tomorrow

Triveni Share Price Target Tomorrow

Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited is going strong. This fear started on the move and went up as soon as it opened.

Meanwhile, This usually happens when there is a positive emotion that follows the fear, making it attractive. There is a good chance that this upward move will continue.

Expectations of the movement of the company nse: Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited TRIVENI

If it trades above the weekly resistance, a drop can only be expected if it trades below 275.4

If the value of this dividend is near or near 100, this stock may show a bullish move. However, if this value is near or near 10, this stock could very well show a move lower.

If the dividend value is close to 50, the stock may show sideways movement.

Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited The TRIVENI share price target is 279.9 down and 292.45 up.

Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited The TRIVENI share price target is 279.9 down and 292.45 up.

Tomorrow Target 1 269.93
Tomorrow Target 2 277.32
Tomorrow Target 3 282.4833
Tomorrow Target 4 289.87
Tomorrow Target 5 295.03


However, please note that stock prices can fluctuate rapidly and this information may no longer be accurate. It’s always suggested to do your own research and check with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.