Notes on an execution Wrrtien by Danya Kukafka, this book was nominated for best fiction 2022. notes on an execution has a massively successful book sold. Moreover, on the list of  Danya kukafka’s Books, notes on execution are the most famous book. Meanwhile, they are ranking as best seller book

#18,125 for a crime fiction book,

#26,282 for a Contemporary Fiction

#39, 940 for Crime, Thriller &Mystery (Kindle Store)

However, the Customer has given the best rating of 4.1/out of 5.0.

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Who is Dany Kukafka?


Dany Kukafka was born in 1994 in Colorado, USA, and she lives well-known for her successful novels notes on an execution and Grills in Snow. Moreover, Danya graduated from New York University Gallatin School. After her intermedia, she focuses on her passion, “Novels.” Were she is imprinting of random penguin book.  After that, she has the advantage of working as a junior editor for writers like meg Wolitzer, Paul Hawkin, Lauren Groff, Brit Bennet, Emma straub and many more.

Notes On An Execution

Dany Kukafka is the author of notes on an execution. This book has received a successful response as best in crime fiction, contemporary fiction, thriller, mystery and more.

Amazon Editor says that Notes on an Execution is a one of the most original and suspense novels I’ve read for a long time.

However, when we first meet Ansel Packer, a controlling, emotionless serial killer, when he is 12 hours away from being performed for his crimes.

Notes On An Execution


But this is not a dramatic novel about a larger-than-life killer. The women whose lives are impossible changed by their nearness to him take centre stage: Ansel’s mother, his wife’s twin sister, his victims, and the detective who quests him for years, hoping to prove his guilt.

Kukafka’s writing is gut, almost to the point of being uncomfortable with how it gets under your skin, but that speaks to her skill, and it’s impossible not to turn to the next page.

Meanwhile, Look no further if your book club wants a story that will ignite conversation.

Reviews Of Dany Kukafka Novel Notes On An Execution

No word can be said for danya kukafa’s writing style; she a perfect and super editor. Even the amazon editor says that Kukafka’s writing is gut, almost to the point of being uncomfortable with how it gets under your skin, but that speaks to her skill, and it’s impossible not to turn to the next page.

Meanwhile, Look no further if your book club wants a story that will ignite conversation.

Not only this but also many biggest editor also have given their reviews, such as


New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, eight books to keep your page tuning.

Jenna Bush Hager retweeted, deeply falling into this fiction novel. I have never read such types of novel.

They are many biggest editors who get in love with this novel. Meanwhile, the audience’s response is that everyone has loved this novel.

Notes On An Execution By Danya Kukafka

The novel moves between two timelines: the day of Ansel’s execution and the overarching story of his life, from his childhood to the present day in prison. The last line of the story is said since the point of view of three women whose lives are passed down to Ansel in different ways.

Among them is his mother, Lavender, who flees an abusive and abusive marriage, leaving her children behind only to find them later.

Sefi, a homicide detective molested by Ansel as a child but was eventually hunted down and captured, and Hazel, his wife’s twin sister.

By contrast, in The Hangman’s Notes, Kokafka seeks to break with some of these conventions, including the preoccupation with dead women, to explore a more ambiguous and sober realm. This novel cruelly filled with living women. He looks at trauma, the criminal justice system, and crime. The narrative tension that brings The Girl in the Snow to life is again there, but this time from a different source. There is no question of who did what or even why. On the contrary, it is the moral vanity of Ansel’s execution and execution that fills the novel with horror.

Notes On An Execution Book

notes on an execution book written by the danya kukafka; in this book, Ansel Packer will die in twelve hours. He knows what he’s done, and now he’s going to executed, the same heartbreaking fate he brought on those girls years ago. But Ansel does not want to die; He wants to be glorified and understood. He hoped it would not end like this, not for him.

Complete the kaleidoscope of women – mother, sister, homicide detective – we learn the story of Ancel’s life.

Moreover, we meet his mother, Lavender, a seventeen-year-old girl driven to despair.

Hazel, Ansel’s wife’s twin sister, inseparable since birth, is force to watch helplessly as her sister’s romance consumes them all; finally, Sephy, a homicide detective on his trail, is dedicated to taking down the bad guys but struggling to see his life. As the clock ticks, these three women explore choices that end in tragedy, finding cracks in how such destruction is inevitable.

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