In April, Microsoft Edge received canary tab sharing for desktop and mobile versions. After many months of testing. It has been updated with tabs shared across the channel for ordinary customers.
You can start reading a web page via your computer by sharing tabs and then sending it to your laptop or smartphone.

The helpful tool from Microsoft edge allows you to send tabs to different devices and eliminates the need to sync bookmarks or mail URLs with yourself. It is currently being rolled out to a small subset of users in the fixed channel via windows ten and mac.

To try it, open any web page and click on the address bar, and select the “send this page” option. This allows you to send the current page to supported devices currently logged in using your Microsoft account.

The receiving device receives immediate notification from the Microsoft Edge browser of the name and URL of the web page.

You can also select right-click on links and select the expedient to share the link. when you right-click the links, you see a mobile phone icon and a laptop, and you can click them to send the link to the selected device. This option will not appear if you do not use the Microsoft Edge browser on more than one device.

Microsoft Edge Facilitates Participation

The tab sharing tool appears to be available to a tiny group of users in the stable version v91.0.864.54. However, it is likely to start offering more users in the coming days.

You should note that tab sharing is currently limited to your desktop only.

If you want to share tabs to Android or iPhone devices, you need to download and install a Microsoft Edge browser version of the Canary or Dev channel via your mobile phone.

Microsoft is somewhat late in introducing this feature. However, Google chrome and firefox surfers were efficient with similar tabs in 2019. safari also guarantees iCloud accounts for several years as well.

In addition to sharing tabs, Microsoft is also improving the browser game included in Surf offline mode. The Surf tool is designed within Microsoft Edge’s browser specifically for those with internet connectivity issues. And challenges players to browse while avoiding obstacles or the sea monster. Similarly, Microsoft is also testing new font-display controls for the browser via Windows 10.

How to Disable the New Copying and Pasting Feature in the Edge Browser

This month, Microsoft launched version 87 of Edge, which includes many new features, including Smart Copy, which relies on artificial intelligence technologies and allows you to copy and paste content in its original format.

It means that by default, your browser will paste the web page address as a hyperlink instead of pasting a standard URL without formatting.

On the other hand, depending on what you’re doing, this feature may be helpful. Especially if you send an email that you want to format well using hyperlinks.

It may save some time, and this feature will make it easier to copy tables in documents and emails. Suppose, if you copy a table from a site and paste it into an email using the bright copy feature. The sticker table will retain its original format.

It’s also possible to continue pasting the URL as standard text if using the Command (Ctrl+Shift+V). Still, there are plenty of times you want to get the URL without having to remember to hold down an extra button. Plus there are plenty of web pages that have very long and chaotic URLs that you might want to edit first.

Here are the steps to restrict this feature of Microsoft Edge

To restrict this feature and return to copying and pasting URLs naturally in the edge browser, follow the following steps:

  • Open edge browser on the computer.
  • Press the three points at the top right of the screen.
  • From the list that shows you, click on settings.
  • Click on the Share, copy, and paste option on the right side of the new window that appears to you.
  • On the left side of the screen, select the default option you want: (link) link to paste the URL as a hyperlink, or Plain text to paste the URL as a web address.


In recent months, Microsoft has focused heavily on developing the new Edge browser by supporting and improving many features. Finally, this seems to be coming to fruition as the browser user base increases, bringing it very close to Firefox.

Which is third in the web browser rankings. And the expectation is to surpass it by the following year 2021, which will be a significant advance for Microsoft in the web browser market.

Note: remember to apply this command to all accounts in the edge browser if different versions are set up for personal use and work.

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