Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Budget?


Over the past decade, companies have significantly changed their marketing budget. However, it is well known to all that providing the marketing budget alone is futile. And must be accompanied by a well-planned marketing plan to obtain the desired results of the campaign.

A survey conducted by Gartner CMO Spend Survey found that 61% of marketing managers expect their marketing budget to increase in 2020. Demonstrating the importance of a smartly implemented plan. Yet, it doesn’t seem as easy at first glance.

Spending the entire marketing budget on just one strategy often fails. And it’s best to have a broad vision when it comes to plans to build your company.

Let’s review the three main areas for next year.

Social Networks:

Social media is today the most targeted place for users. Still, the marketing plan’s success needs to know what the best platform for your business should be invested in, as not every venue will be marketable to your business.

As shown in the chart, social media provides opportunities for brands to connect with new consumers across various platforms, such as Facebook. As the number of people connected to the internet increases year on year.

If you’re not very sure where your business is best, start by identifying the buyer and looking for the social platform that this character uses. As it’s the step on which the plan’s success is built.

Building your digital business across communication platforms is not so much expensive as it is a challenge, as increasing your sales on the media without spending the entire marketing budget requires you to search for brands or similar services with a large number of followers.

See the types of publications they offer. Give the brand a personal advantage, share photos behind the scenes and use video to help generate interest in your product or service.

Improving Search Engines:

you may have heard that search optimization is a vital digital marketing tool several times. Still, even if you have a rudimentary understanding of what it takes, you may not have a firm idea of exactly what that is and how to do it for your business.

Improving search engines depends on different things, including keywords and content, improving landing pages. Much more, understanding all of these elements and how they work is the key to taking advantage of them. Still, in simple terms, search engine enhancements make your website clearer, resulting in more traffic and providing more opportunities to turn visitors into customers.

This is not an easy process for companies. And if you don’t have an expert. There will be a need to allocate a training budget. Or more cost-effective marketing agencies can be outsourced to some with faster results.


Your marketing efforts should focus on fascinating new customers and on maintaining your current customer base. Technology such as marketing automation software has become vital in the business to serve your customer base effectively.

2020 is a year of specialization, with customers demanding more specialized content and service than ever before. One of the advantages of marketing programs is the ability to do so on a large scale, aligning your sales and marketing teams. Gaining improved customer insights. Allowing you to communicate more effectively, and improving ROI.

We expect that this article has provided an overview of where you can spend your budget in 2020, and remember that each company and industry is different from the other. Hence, it would help determine what is best for your company. And then allocate these funds based on the return on the investment required.

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