LinkedIn has evolved a lot recently, from just a site that lets you create an online professional account and search for others. The world’s largest professional platform with more than 700 million users worldwide allows you to connect with others and access educational content that helps you refine your skills.

At the end of September, LinkedIn announced the new design of its mobile site and application, the first significant design change in nearly five years,
and one of the most notable recent changes is stories launches by the company in the United States and Canada on September 25th and began launching today in India.

“LinkedIn has seen a 60% increase in content creation, a 25% increase in messages sent since last year,
and three people are assigned every second to new jobs through LinkedIn despite the difficult economic situation we are currently experiencing,” Said Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, in a post.

The redesign makes LinkedIn easier to use and perhaps more helpful when looking for a new job. In addition, the latest update includes a range of new features designed to enhance user communication.

here’s everything you need to know about Linkedin’s new design:

The New User Interface:

everything you need to know about the unique design of the LinkedIn platform

Linkedin’s new design focuses on facilitating the user experience, so the new user interface provides easier access to user-friendly features. Simplifying the look by adding more distances, and reducing partition lines and decorative icons. In addition, Linkedin’s predominantly blue interface has been replacing by a mainly white and grey façade, and the main navigation bar is closer to Facebook or Twitter than ever before.

New illustrations showcasing people with different abilities, backgrounds and diverse races and a wide range of other professional areas have also been added.

Improving The Search Experience:

The new search tools are among the most significant changes in the new design and are available on both the website and the LinkedIn mobile app.

Linkedin’s search feature now divides results by category such as people, jobs, groups, training courses, companies, posts, events, etc.
Users can also narrow down the range of results further by applying multiple keyword filters. For example, you can search for companies based on location, size, or industry.

Searches will also display personalized results. Such as content that impressed your colleagues, users and companies that may be relevant to your search criteria. And you can now also follow other accounts or save jobs directly to the search results screen.

New Messaging Features of LinkedIn

Linkedin’s built-in messaging feature also got many new features as part of the redesign, including editing or deleting messages sent video call shortcuts. And interacting with messages sent with emojis.

You can now start video calls directly in LinkedIn messages by following the following steps:

  • Tap the video camera icon in the chat window.
  • Select the video conferencing app you want to open, with LinkedIn currently supporting Microsoft
  • Teams, BlueJeans, and Zoom.
  • Sign in to the video app you select and create a new meeting.
  • Participate in the LinkedIn chat live.
  • Everything you need to know about the new design of the LinkedIn platform

Story Feature of LinkedIn

everything you need to know about the new design of the LinkedIn platform

Linkedin now supports the story feature, where users can share up to 20 seconds of their daily professional moments with others. And the stories you create expire 24 hours after they’re published; they’re just like the stories featuring on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Still, Linkedin suggests the feature have the dedication to professional stories.

They test this feature in Brazil, France, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. Millions of stories have been shared during this testing period. And hundreds of thousands of conversations have begun. The company has officially introduced it to users in the united states, Canada and India in recent weeks and will launch it in other regions in the coming weeks.

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