kekma net is a Dark website where you get dark adult humour. Moreover, it is better not to visit this website. As per Our Guidelines, do not visit. kekma net, when you enter this site, you will get very weird audio, and it plays on the high sound that makes your mind in very cloudy vision. However, Digital tech spot will give you full information on kekma net

What Is Kekma.Net?

kekma net is a terrible site which contains 18+ dark adult humour is a tremor site that, upon entry, automatically sets the website to full screen (with a confirmation message appearing when the victim wants to exit).

It displays an NSFL Vulgar video of a man, surrounded by A gif of a dog being flogged alive.

Flashing between passive and non-passive modes, a version of the sound called “world’s loudest orgasm” plays in the background.

However, The cursor image also changes when the victim, unfortunately, visits this page.

Reviews On Kekma.Net? has a customer rating of 3.33 stars out of 4 reviews indicating that most customers are generally fulfilled with their purchase. is ranked 63rd among other music sites.

Kekma is not safe to handle, is a favourite redirect among spammers and contains a video with horrible jerkiness. They must and must be taken down!

What Is Kekma.Net Meaning?

Kekmanet is the new way to rick someone but levels up with something other. Moreover, as per sources, kekmanet was created on April 23 2019, by Obok MeatGod.

How Does kekma.Net Create?

However, Kekmanet is an adult site where you get dark adult content and humour, which is not eligible for any person. Meanwhile, On google reviews, every user says don’t enter in kekma net. It hacks your data also as well as your mind distraction too. Therefore, This site was created in 2019 on April 23.

Reason Why We Don’t Need Enter In Kekma.Net?

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  • If you Bypass the 18+ warning, the browser goes full screen.
  • Different nervous screams and very loud screaming distortions start to play.
  • On the screen, you will see a video of a man sitting in a pool of semi-coagulated blood.
  • The cursor changes to an image of 4 distorted bloody bars forming a swastika flag.
  • In the background, you will see two images: – one of a baby with a clown fetus being hammered by a man and the other of a dark man meeting a dead man.

Is Kekma.Net Save To Use?

As I mentioned in my first paragraph, it is very dangerous. However, if you are a Teenage, then it is openly warning you don’t ever. It would help if you thought about why we should not enter this domain.

The major reason is to play a weird sound on your Device that will disturb your mindset. Secondly,  this site is a vulgar category. When you enter this, your screenplay has offensive images with sound, and you can’t go back!

Therefore, the Digital tech spot is warning you about all these kinds of sites which can damage your data and Device.

Does Kekma Give You A Virus

According to KnowYourMeme, Kekma was created on April 23, 2019, and is completely “unsafe for life” and not safe for work. … “The website features a rapidly flashing NSFL image accompanied by the ear-raping of a person screaming at a high pitch, as well as an NFL video centred on the site,” KnowYourMeme explains.

No, it’s not; it’s just a bait-and-switch website designed to shock you, it forces full screen, which means it’s hard to close, but it still won’t harm your computer; it’ll scare you… To close it, press Cntrl + ESC.

Meanwhile, I do not recommend you proceed with this; if you do so, it is at your own risk…

However, it is dangerous. If you have epilepsy, it can kill you.


At last, I would say make sure to keep your browsers safe. Sometimes you will click on a wrong domain you don’t know, but it would be difficult to get back from that site. Moreover, kekmanet is also among them, where you see inappropriate and vulgar humour not made for you.

However, I hope you understand my point, and I think I have cleared all your queries. If not, please comment below and let me know your doubts or problem while facing kekmanet.