The Instagram platform offers a new way for people to interact with stories by introducing Private Story Like, which lets you like someone’s story without sending them a direct message.
Previously, he had shown no response I sent to someone about a story — whether it was an emoji or a complete message — as a response in his inbox.

With this new feature, you can like a story without flooding the user’s direct messages. “if you click on the heart code, the author of that story is impressed. This admiration is shown in the story-watching paper, not in your live message series with them. You have 24 hours to screen how many likes the story gets before the data disappears. Stories won’t be impressive, a much different approach than Instagram has chosen for key user feeds.

Instagram Introduces Likes to Stories

“The impression here is to make sure that individuals can express more support for each other,” Mosseri said. But with the private letterbox made more organized. Messaging is a crucial priority for us, and a big part of that is focusing on direct messages between you and the people you care about.

The platform frequently added small but useful features like this. last fall, and the company added the option to delete pictures and videos from the publication, which included a series of grouped images.
Impressions of stories will not radically change the way you use the platform. But this is a valuable addition for individuals in general.

You can now network with the story by clicking the like button, as you would with the regular feed publication. However, that does not send direct notification to the other user.

Instagram Stops Supporting IGTV App

Instagram has announced an end to its support for its independent digital app, igtv, and meta has confirmed that the app is being removed from app stores in mid-march. The company explained in a blog post that the change is part of its efforts to make the video simpler to make it easier to detect and create.

Instagram says it is now focusing on having all the videos through its primary application. However, it also clarified that it continues to simplify and improve video in its main application in the coming months.

The new announcement comes as Instagram abandoned its IGTV brand last October when it collected long IGTV videos and Instagram feed videos in a new format called Instagram Video. However, the platform said that the IGTV app would not disappear and be rebranded instead.

The company also announced that video ads during the broadcast, formerly known as IGTV ads, would no longer be supported as they shifted their focus to Reels.

Instagram says content makers who actively invest through video ads during broadcasts receive a temporary monthly payment based on recent profits.

Although this seems to be a step backwards in terms of monetization for content makers. The platform announced that it is exploring more ways for users to earn profits.

Later this year, the company will begin testing a new advertising experience on Instagram. It allows users to profit from ads displayed through Reels. The new monetization option joins reels rewards, which provides content makers with opportunities to make money every month.

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Instagram Wants to Simplify the Video

As part of the ads, the company reiterated its focus on Reels. The company notes that Reels remains the most significant contributor to the growth of cross-app participation and plans to continue investing in this feature.

“Video is a big part of why people enjoy Instagram,” the company said. We love how the content makers community uses to express themselves, collaborate with others and communicate with their followers. Reels remains increasing. An important part of Instagram. And we are excited to invest more in this format.


The platform (now under the umbrella of media) spent more than two years testing the concealment of the likes across the main feed before deciding to leave the counter visible by default. But users can choose to hide the counter in posts.

As for the admirations of the stories, you will not see an available number. But you can see who’s left impressed with your accounts when you look at the story-watching paper.

The decision to close the independent igtv app came after losing its power as a separate product. As a result, in early 2020. The platform removed the orange igtv button from the home page of its application.

The move came after the independent IGTV app was downloaded 7 million times out of more than 1 billion Instagram users.

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