Instagram Exceeds 2 Billion Monthly Users? The addictive content on Instagram has alarmed u.s. Lawmakers to the point where adam misery, CEO of the social media service, first appeared before congress last week to testify, the latest incident in a year of turmoil in the photo-sharing app.

But despite the controversy, Instagram has reached a new milestone of 2 billion monthly active users this fall. The platform took three years to reach 2 billion.

The subject of Mosseri’s hearing before the senate commerce subcommittee was online child protection, a problem that has damaged Instagram’s image in the past few months. Even with all the negative publicity, the popular app is more important than ever to the fate of its parent firm, now called meta.

Instagram has not released user numbers since surpassing the 1 billion monthly active users mark in June 2018. it avoided promoting its growth when lawmakers. And regulators believed facebook had significant market control. The platform reached this figure about a week before Facebook changed its name to meta in October.

Usage Data on How Instagram Exceeds 2 Billion

The platform was launched in 2010 and attained by Facebook for about $1 billion two years future, as a cornerstone of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to move from the web to mobile phone.

The expansion speed to 2 billion users is essential given the considerable competition creating by tech talk, which is increasing its popularity by facilitating the creation and sharing of short and funny videos.

According to the outcomes of a review published, last month by Forrester, 63 per cent of Americans aged 12 to 17 used TechTalk weekly this year, compared to 57 per cent for Instagram. In terms of downloads, tech talk installation 596.1 million times globally this year via apple and windows devices. Likewise, Instagram’s installations exceeded 570.7 million.

Instagram has had a Year of Constant Turmoil

Instagram Exceeds 2 Billion? This is how Zuckerberg responded to the means he often does – by reproducing competition. Facebook launched reels video sharing in August.

In its third-quarter pays report in October, the corporation said it was making Reels a vital part of Facebook and Instagram services to attract users between the ages of 18 and 29. But Facebook’s efforts to attract young users to Instagram have led the company to come under direct criticism from increasingly anxious regulators, lawmakers and parents.

Lawmakers called on the company to stop developing an Instagram product for children under 13. the company said it was temporarily faltering the project. But you will not commit to closing it. Since then, congressional committees have held multiple reaches on the impact of social media on teenagers. Including Moser’s testimony on December 8.

Many senators compared facebook’s teen addiction strategy to the practices of large tobacco companies.
Facebook’s flagship app had 2.91 billion monthly active users as of October. But expansion is slowing down compared to the image-sharing app.

While Instagram’s user base has doubled. Facebook has grown by only 30 per cent. Facebook’s revenue expectation is to increase 18 per cent next year to $135.1 billion. Instagram’s growth is expected to reach 30 per cent to $60.5 billion.

To fund meta’s bold and costly ambitions to move the company to the so-called metaverse. It needs to continue Instagram’s growth and make huge profits.


The expansion speed to 2 billion users is essential given the considerable competition creating by tech talk. Which increases its popularity by facilitating the creation. And sharing of short and funny videos. Instagram is creating history. The number of users increases every year. From children to old age, it got users of every age. Even after many controversies, the growth rate is higher.

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