There are specific rules regarding the age requirements to book a hotel in the US. The hotel officials have followed these rules for many years. In other words, a hotel may not select its guests. They can only allow capable persons to fulfill the age requirements.
For the United States, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 codified this, prohibiting places of public accommodation from discriminating against anyone based on race, color, religion, or national origin. In theory, a hotel remains even required to receive minors since they’re as entitled to the protection of a hotel as anyone else.
But hotels also have the responsibility to keep their guests safe. Because of this, hotels may refuse minors if there’s alcohol (a minibar) in the room.
Hotels can prohibit minors from staying unaccompanied by an adult or prohibit parents from renting a room to allow underage partying. Some hotels may raise their minimum age based on prior underage drinking, local nuisance laws, or curfew laws. There are plenty of safety and liability reasons to support prohibiting minors from booking a hotel room.

The Minimum Age To Get A Hotel Room Depends On Several Factors, Including:


Most hotels worldwide have a minimum age of 18 for checking in. However, some countries or regions may have lower or higher minimums.

Specific destinations like party towns or spring break hotspots, like 21 or even 25, may have higher age requirements.

Hotel policy:

Individual hotels can set their age restrictions, which may be stricter than the general legal minimum. You can interact with them or check the hotel’s website to confirm their policy.

Accompanying adults:

Some hotels might allow younger guests to stay if they remain accompanied by an adult (usually a parent or guardian) who meets the minimum age requirement.

Reason for stay:

In rare cases, a hotel might make an exception for a minor traveling alone for a specific reason, such as attending a sporting event or medical treatment. However, this will likely require significant documentation and approval from the hotel management.

Here are Some General Guidelines:

In the United States, most hotels require guests to be 18 to check-in.

The minimum age in Europe is typically 18, but some countries like Germany allow 16-year-olds to reside with written permission from a parent or guardian.

In Asia, the minimum age can vary depending on the country, but it is often 18 or 21.

Always check the specific hotel’s policy before booking to avoid any problems at check-in.

What Is The Legal Age To Book A Hotel Room In The United States?

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Most hotels have a minimum age of 18 for checking into a room. However, state laws and local ordinances may influence age requirements. For instance, many states don’t set a specific age restriction for booking.
But party towns or spring break towns, like Miami Beach, Vegas, and the Florida and Alabama Gulf Coasts, may raise their requirement to 21 years old.
Individual hotels and hotel chains can also tighten the rules on their own. You should be able to find any hotel’s minimum age requirement in its terms and conditions (i.e., the fine print with the box you check).

The Legal Age Of Majority

The terms and conditions for age requirements are legally binding, and contracts signed by minors aren’t enforceable. The “legal age of majority” is when you’re considerable as an adult, meaning you assume all legal responsibilities. In the US, that’s 18 years.
However, since a hotel can be held legally responsible for what happens to its underage guests, many will choose to mitigate their risk by raising their age requirements. Some states have even upped the “age of contractual capacity.” For instance, Nebraska and Alabama consider you a minor until you’re 19, and Mississippi doesn’t think you’re a grown-up until you’re 21.
Internationally, the age of majority remains commonly considered to be 18. However, there are some exceptions, such as some Canadian provinces (19), New Zealand and Thailand (20), some countries in the Middle East and Africa, and others that consider it 21.

What Are The Age Policies For Hotel Chains?

Hotel chains don’t have a single-age policy extending to their properties worldwide. Many have standard ages, but it remains recommended that you check with the individual hotel.
For instance, Marriott sets its minimum age at 18 but raises it to 21 for some all-inclusive, adults-only resorts. Choice Hotels has a minimum age of 19 for a person to stay in a room alone in most brands, but some hotels require you to be 21. The company needs guests who are 18 or younger to stay in a room with someone over 21.
Hilton and IHG have no standard policy, but recommend you check by hotel. Best Western, Wyndham, Radisson, and Hyatt hotels have a minimum age of 21.
In every case, it’s best to contact the individual hotel (not the toll-free number, but the local number that will put you in contact with the front desk) before you book.

What are the differences between age to book and age at check-in?

Anyone can get on the internet and book with abandon. Just plug in your valid credit card, and off you go. It’s at reception where you may run into problems.
Hotels typically won’t ask how old you are (they don’t want to appear discriminatory). Still, they will ask you for a government-issued ID or passport to accompany your credit card, even if you prepaid your room online.
If you fall below a hotel’s minimum age requirement and you’ve already paid, you might not even be able to get your stay refunded. Because of this, make sure you check at the time of booking.

Checking In Around The World

Countries all around the world consider age requirements differently. Take a closer look at policies across the globe.


Europe is generally a little more liberal with age policies than the US, with check-in policies typically around 18 years old for guests to check in and stay alone. It can vary by individual hotel or hotel chain since a company’s policy may specify a higher check-in age.


Canada, the US, and Mexico are all reasonably close in line with each other – typically around 21 years old. In South America, it is generally possible to check in at 18 years old, but you should always read the internal policies of the hotel.

Africa, Asia, and Australia

While the standard worldwide is 18 years old, Southeast Asia and parts of Africa may have more lenient policies or may not enforce policies strictly. As always, it’s best to check before you book.


Countries have their age guidelines for hotels, as do municipalities. Even in countries with no technical age limits, like Norway, most hotels execute restrictions. In other words, you’ll rarely find a hotel that doesn’t hold guests to some age standard.
After all, they must protect themselves and their guests. They are responsible for the safety of their guests, but they also have to make sure they get paid – minors can’t be held liable for debts. That’s why even when you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t set strict age rules, its hotels will enforce their own. It’s always best to check with an individual hotel before you book.
Now that you know if you are old enough to check into a hotel, you can find the perfect hotel, whether you want to watch the best sunset on the hottest hotel rooftop bar or work remotely abroad.