Is it possible to hack the phone using Bluetooth? It’s a way to steal information on your cell phone through an unsafe BlueTooth connection, as hackers exploit this technology to access contacts, messages, photos, videos, and passwords.

There has been a joke in the software community that information security consultants make a living by scaring ignorant managers of technical issues. Particularly security, to persuade them to pay exorbitant costs for protection.

Although many security concerns are considered nothing more than hoaxes, some are serious and require serious handling. Including Bluesnarfing, which relies on Bluetooth networks for data theft and privacy breaches.

What is Bluesnarfing?

What is Bluesnarfing?

To simplify, Bluesnarfing is a way to steal information through an unsafe Bluetooth connection, as hackers exploit Bluetooth vulnerabilities to break into connected devices via this technology, such as cellular devices, laptops and PDA

BlueSnarfing technology enables cybercriminals to access personal data such as contacts, photos, videos, and passwords on the victim’s device. Is it possible to hack your phone using Bluetooth? A way to steal information in your cell phone via a BlueSnarfing connection – BlueSnarfing technology

BlueSnarfing is a more dangerous form of other well-known Bluetooth also-used intrusion technology called BlueJacking. Which causes spam to be sent using unsafe BlueSnarfing connections blueSnarfing’s most sensitive personal data is at risk.

According to the Bluetooth category owned by the device, some BlueSnarfing attacks may occur 100 meters from an oblivious victim, such as being hacked by someone on the 20th floor of a multi-storey building while sitting relaxed on the first floor. In addition, some skilled intruders can hack into the victim’s phone to make a call to someone, which can have frightening repercussions.

How is Bluesnarfing Performed?

The critical point is to organize the Bluesnarf attack in the vulnerability associated with the OBEX protocol, which Bluetooth technology uses to exchange information wirelessly. Including a vulnerability exploited by hackers.

When a device uses Bluetooth technology without turning on the certification feature, leaving it in detectable mode gives hackers an easy way to break in. Hackers use sophisticated tools such as BlueDiving. A Bluetooth hacking software group accesses the victim’s personal information without knowing his phone is being hacked.

The problem is that original developers deliberately kept obex open without any certification policies, such as asking for a pin or requesting a pairing, because of Bluetooth digital business card sharing development.

The primary purpose is to make it calmer to share business cards using Bluetooth, and these cards were not sensitive data. So developers preferred easy sharing at the expense of security, giving a feature to blueSnarfing attacks

What Is Data At Stake?

A successful BlueSnarfing attack is unlikely without a laptop or Bluetooth Dongle — devices that don’t have Bluetooth use a USB adapter to connect with other devices via Bluetooth — and knowledge of special tools and programming. In short, requires a professional to do the job.

The result of such attacks is the theft of valuable data such as contacts, messages or images. In addition, these attacks are often part of more extensive data theft. Usually for sale to interested parties through the darkness

What Is Data At Stake?

Although the previous case is not a kind of BlueSnarfing. The modus operandi and intent are similar. Instead of using open, discoverable Bluetooth. Google used display cars to search for unsafe internet networks and embezzle their primary data.

Should You Worry About Bluesnarfing?

Fortunately, the missing certification gap fixing in subsequent Bluetooth updates. Cell phones and other existing Bluetooth-enabled smart devices often contain a built-in certification process. Making it more challenging to implement BlueSnarfing attacks. A pairing request following by a request to write a PIN or password to create the connection.


as the number of communication devices increases. Cyberattacks have increased to achieve unauthorized access. The easiest way to protect against Bluesnarfingis to keep your device’s bBluetoothshut when you’re not using it.

Since the current cellular devices have built-in certification. The number of bluesnarfing attacks has steadily decreased. Suppose you have an old Bluetooth mobile phone. In that case, it’s best to keep Bluetooth hidden or in the undetectable mode so that your information is safe and you do not accept association requests sent from anonymous devices.

While cyberattacks like Bluesnarfing are scary. You can protect your phone. And data by remaining vigilant and familiar with basic digital prevention procedures.

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