Google Drive is one of the essential cloud platforms and has increased in importance due to the corona crisis and the spread of remote work.

However, some users know the platform’s capabilities and features, relying on simply writing and using effective programs.

You can install third-party apps via google drive, meaning you don’t have to deal with official google apps.

So here are more personal uses, which many google drive users don’t know. Take a copy of essential documents and papers: You can easily store significant papers and documents on google drive to access them as quickly as possible.

With this property, you can scan a document you want to keep, after which it is stored as a PDF or text document if the platform recognizes its contents.

You can also save any page from the internet directly and store it on google drive. It is by using the official save to Google Drive Chrome Extension.

Editing and Controlling Documents in Google Drive

Edit pdf files on google drive. You can edit a pdf folder without changing its format, meaning typing it, shading, and adding margins without converting it to a WordPress file.
You can do this by installing a DocHub App program and then opening a PDF document using this app.

If you want to convert the file to docs, you can press your PDF document with your right mouse button and then choose to open the file with Google Docs, and you’ll find it automatically converted to docs.

Convert File Format Through Google Drive

You can switch between different file formats, whether they’re regular documents or audio files, via the CloudConvert APP.

Using the app, you can convert file format by pressing the file to be restored with your right mouse and then choosing CloudConvert APP. But you must install the app on the google drive platform first.

Edit office documents without converting their format: you can edit your office credentials without having to activate any other properties. But you can’t take advantage of all of the office features that it offers for its files, so it’s best to convert file format.

Restore Old Copies of Files with Google Drive

You can also restore old copies of your Docs files, meaning access to the document before it is modified or before you type in it.

You can do this by pressing the file in the Drive folder with your right mouse and then pressing Manage Versions.

Then control all the existing copies of this file. And although you have a set of files kept on it, you will only get a single duplicate of the file in front of you.


If you asked me to name the websites and requests, everyone uses every day, Google Drive would be near the topmost of the list. At work, We use it to take records during meetings and create surveys for blog posts. At home, we use it to calculate vacation expenses. And track exercises with my gym partners. It’s one of those web tackles that’s so useful and so all-encompassing, We can hardly remember life without it.

That’s why it’s easy to overlook that Google Drive is less than three years old — and its precursor, Google Docs, was launched less than ten years ago in 2006. Back then, the app was a web-based contestant to Microsoft Office Suite. Now, it is a cloud-based app used for folder formation, storing, sharing, collaboration. And a whole lot more.

It has more value than sees the eye. For instance, did you know that you can crop photos right inside a Google Document? Or can you use Drive to send huge files to people? Files that are too big for Gmail? Let’s learn how to take full benefit of what it offers.