Five Sites to Download Excel Ready-Made Templates for Free


Creating excel spreadsheets usually takes time, especially if the formulas are complex. You may have to spend a whole day coordinating the spreadsheet.

But with previously designed excel templates, you avoid unnecessary work, where templates are editable. You can therefore customize them according to your needs after being formatted previously. In addition, it comes with previously defined versions of specific account types.

Benefits of Using Excel Prefabricated Templates

For example, if anyone wants to make a company budget chart, this requires creating a form from the beginning, merging formulas and formatting the table to make it look professional.

It may take a long time to whole these tasks, and you can also make mistakes when you enter formulas into the spreadsheet.

Alternatively, you can download one of excel’s ready-made budget templates in the same formats you want and make changes to them, reducing time and effort.

Besides saving time using ready-made spreadsheet models, you’re also able to create more professional spreadsheets. Excel Template Download Sites For Free:

Most of the sites listed below let you download and use excel templates without having to create a new account.

Excel Ready-Made Molds Gallery

Excel itself lets you use ready-to-use templates.

There is also a choice to search through specific keywords in the top search bar, so if you search through the salary word, you see a complete list of templates related to that keyword.

you can follow the following steps to access ready-made templates in the app:

  • Open the excel app.
  • Press the file option at the top left of the screen.
  • Click on a new opportunity in the side menu that appears to you.
  • You show a lot of templates on the home screen with a brief description of them.
  • Choose the template you want.
  • After you’re done, excel opens this template as a new spreadsheet.
  • You can now change text, modify formulas, and use all features to customize it.

Microsoft template library

Microsoft office has the best excel templates available for download, some free of charge, while others require a Microsoft 365 subscription.

You can visit the excel templates website via this link and use the search box to search directly for a particular template type. When you use the search option, you see relevant templates based on the keywords searched, making it easier for you to decide.

You can take a look at the different templates in the browsing option by category on the right side of the screen. You’ll also discover some premium templates that you can only access by signing up for Microsoft 365.

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Spreadsheet123 for Excel Templates

Spreadsheet123 contains a wide range of Excel templates ready to download and is constantly updated. The templates on this site are professionally designed, where you can browse them by category.

It also lets you download the template in different formats. Then, when you pass your mouse through the template, you’ll see details about its requirements, its version, its author, and any licensing agreements.

Vertex42 for Excel

Vertex42 offers a wide range of templates, including budgets, invoices, project management, schedules, businesses and many more. In addition, it lets you easily download Excel ready-made templates.

If you’re not sure if the template you want to download is valid, you can watch a video showing how it works, a feature that other sites don’t provide.

Template Website’s website outperforms all websites on this list. It allows you to choose from several subcategories of ready-made templates.

You can also scroll down to see the complete list of templates. In addition, offers voice chat support to help you find the template you want to download.

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