Artificial Intelligence Tool Predicts Film Evaluation? Movie ratings may determine how much viewers love them and how many audiences are expected, impacting the film’s final score. Unfortunately, the difficult way of classifying a film is often followed by watching it and making decisions depending on the presence of violence, drug use and sexual content.

Today, researchers at the faculty of engineering at the university of Viterbi can evaluate the film within seconds by artificial intelligence based on the film’s text and without shooting any shot of it. This method enables film producers to design the film to reach the goal by making the required adjustments to the film’s text before filming and the possible financial impact. And allows this immediate classification of writers and decision-makers to control the effects of their content on the public and viewers.

Using artificial intelligence on texts, Shrkanth Narayanan. A Niki & C. L. Max Nikias Award-winning university professor of engineering. And a team of researchers from the Signal Analysis and Translation Laboratory-SAIL.

Showed that language references could broadly refer to content related to violence, drug use. And sexual content (scenes that are often the basis of film classification). Which film characters will perform.

Method of Film Evaluation

A new artificial intelligence tool predicts film evaluation within seconds. A program that uses artificial intelligence to estimate movie ratings in a reasonable time

The ai tool receives all the text as an entry point. Contacts it with a neural network, and scans it for the semantics and sensations expressed. In this process, Sentences and phrases are classified as positive, negative, aggressive, etc. In addition, the ai tool automatically categorizes words and phrases into violence, drug use. And sexual content.

Film Evaluation

“Our model looks at the text of the film instead of the actual scenes, which include sounds like shootings or explosions that occur later in production,” said Victor Martinez, a PhD candidate in computer science at the university of Wetherby and lead researcher in the 2020 study of experimental methods of natural language processing.

As a result, it helps obtain an assessment long before production to help filmmakers determine the degree of violence and whether it needs to be reduced.” The team discovered many exciting links between behaviours that negatively influence film ratings.

“There seems to be a correlation between the amount of substance content related to drug use in a typical film and the amount of sexual content, whether intentional or not,” Martinez said. filmmakers seem to balance the amount of substance-related content with explicit sexual content.”

Another Interesting Pattern of Film Evaluation

Another exciting pattern also emerged as Martinez explained: “We found that filmmakers compensate for low levels of violence with drug use scenes and sexual content.”

In addition, although many films contain drug use scenes and sexual content. Researchers found that it is rare for the film to have high levels of behaviour that negatively affect both three classifications, possibly because of the mpa standards.

They also found an interesting relationship between negatively affecting behaviours and mpa ratings. It seems that like sexual content increases. MPA places less emphasis on violent content and drug use. However, regardless of the content of violence and drug use. A film with many sexual contents often gets a rating.

Narayanan calls the media “a rich way to study communication, interaction. And human behaviour because it provides a window into society.”

Technologies and Tools

“At sail, we design technologies and tools based on artificial intelligence for all those interested in this creative work, including writers. Also, filmmakers and producers raise awareness about the many important details associated with telling their story in the film.”

“We care not only about the perspective of storytellers on the subject of the story but also about understanding. The impact on the audience. And the benefit of the whole experience. Tools like this will help raise meaningful awareness of society. For example, by identifying negative stereotypes.”

“In the future, I am interested in studying minorities and how they are represented, especially in cases of violence, sex and drugs,” Martinez said.

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