Introduction download: Garena free fire game is the highest downloaded application in India; over 1+ billion people play free fire game. 

Free fire game playground where 50 active people land on the ground and search for weapons like AK47, Scarlet, M247 and many more games. 

However, you have to play very smartly and safely until the zone ends.

At last, if the player is only safe out of 50 people, they only will be called a winner of the free-fire game.

PUBG inspires this game as we all know history. Meanwhile, PUBG is more famous than Free fire.

However, you will also get different maps to play with.

Now you may think, how many maps are there?

So, they are the three best maps in the free fire game. Bermuda, Alpine and Bermuda Remastered.

Moreover, you will also get one training mood where you train yourself as a pro player.

At last, how to download this game? in this blog, you will find your file to download. However, read the full article for more information and share it to download the free fire app with your scot. 

What are the Free fire Advance Server Code? How do download?

According to some sources, the download server is made for the customer by Garena before any game updates. Moreover, by launching its update, the user helpfully provides the best ability to test out new free-fire features before the game is released. 

What are the Free fire Advance Server Code_ How do download_


In addition, a developer has just started moving out the advance server for the new OB34 update. A few days ago, they added more unique game modes, characters, pets, and, most importantly, new weapons. Meanwhile, it has fresh content, and people can also get the same by download APK available on their official website. Click here to know about and how free fire do their marketing

At last, every player should know that this activation code needs to log in firstly after downloading.

How do download OB34 Update using the Activation server code?

To play, download the app using the activation server code. Here are the best steps to play the game. For download, download clicks the above paragraph link to download the full file.

However, due to the limited space of the Free Fire Advance Server, not everyone gets this code, and only a subset of users is selected.


However, to register, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the official Advance Server website to get started.

Step 2: After that, individuals can use one of two sign-in options – Facebook and Google to sign in.

 3: Next, a form will appear on the screen where players have to enter all these details:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone number

4: Finally, they can submit the relevant form to complete the registration. Subsequent users can wait for the developers to respond to the activation code. download May 2022 code OB34 APK download Garena’s online registration for the enhanced Free Fire server starts three weeks before the global update. 

Players will remain given five days to sign up for the FF Advance APK and eight days to Test the Free Fire game. 

Meanwhile, Players will receive free diamonds and unique rewards for reporting bugs. download advance server code is open from 12th May to 23rd May. Meanwhile, it is a new version called OB34, And in this, you will reward up to 1000 diamonds to 2000 diamonds. However, you have to find bugs, report them, and earn diamonds.

Hence, this is only available on the official website of free fire, and the last date is 23rd May remember it.

Registration/ login process, Advance Key download

  • Log in via Facebook or Gmail on Garena FF’s official portal or Max’s payment.
  • First, copy “” to this link and paste it into the browser.
  • FF Advance’s website will open. And you can see the “LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK” button.
  • Players must log in with any “Indonesian server” recommended. The update will first be made available on the Indonesian server. Gamers can download it from a play store or any VPN from google.
  • After logging in, players should have to enter the details as outlined here.
  • You can enter Any Name, Employee Email ID and mobile number. Click the “JOIN NOW” button when all details are complete.

After signing up, you will download the APK file to your browser. After that, click the download link and download the file to your mobile. Then, Download, download the APK file and install it on your mobile.




4: 2W7E3H47J07TPYIP

GO here to Download > server

Garena Free Fire Advance Server Feature

If you want more clarity about download and Advanced Server features, carefully read the below points.

  • The FF Advanced server will initially be active for some regions according to the latest update.
  • Players can get rewards up to 3000 diamonds for reporting any bug or server error.
  • Players must complete the FF server advance online registration to get the free fire advance server code.
  • FF advance server activation code remains required for the free use of fire server advance.
  • Players with a free fire ID older than nine months can register a free fire advance server.
  • Initially, the Fire Free advance server will released for android users only; the IOS version will released later.
  • Make sure the server activation code is alphanumeric code 16 beforehand. Otherwise, it will be invalid.
  • Garena FF Advance codes will provided to restricted players on a first-come, first-served basis.

Most Ask Question download

Q. What are the server FF advance server? 

There are 13 different country servers, such as India, Pakistan, Europe, Russia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, And the Middle east servers.

Q. Where to Download download?

As I have given full information about, download the above article. But, visit the official website to download download.

Q. What are the grand prizes of the Free fire game?

However, they are three stage prizes for one person, which has 3000 diamonds; for the second person, 2000 diamonds, and for a third person, it has 1000 prizes.

Q. What date I can play this? 

From 12th May to 23rd May 2022

Q. Where Do FF Advance Server OB23 download?

Visit the official website to download it.

Q. Which map is best to play?

In my opinion, I like to play in Bermuda 

Q. Which is the biggest map in Free fire Game?

Bermuda Map is the biggest map of the free fire game.

Q. How can I get advance server 2022? download

The above article has given advanced server code and key features.

Q. Who is known as the “king of Free fire”?

Ravichandran Vigneshwara is known as the king of free fire.

Conclusion download Garena’s online registration for the enhanced Free Fire server starts three weeks before the global update. 

Players will remain given five days to sign up for the FF Advance APK and eight days to Test the Free Fire game. 

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