In recent years, Facebook has stood heavily criticized, saying the company has not cracked down on hate speech, harassment. And false news. Controlling the activity of 1.62 billion users a day and generating 4 petabytes of data, which contains 350 million images per day, is not easy. It’s not easy to be the most powerful social platform globally.

Facebook has lived criticized for allowing hostile groups to publish threatening and violent publications and allowing far-right conspiracy theorists such as QAnon to publish false political allegations freely.

Academic and government analyses of the 2016 presidential election have revealed evidence of significant interference by locals. And foreign actors. And these interventions also appear to have occurred in the 2020 elections.

Facebook has hired 15,000 content managers to follow up on reported cases of bad behaviour by some politicians, child abuse or exploitation in terrorist acts. However, the reviewers generally handled reports and reports in chronological order. Resulting in some essential pieces not existing reviewed until days later.

Facebook Announced The Opening Of Machine Learning

recently, Facebook announced the opening of machine learning into the supervision process. Algorithms will exist used to verify more serious reports. And transfer them to supervisors while supervisors continue to deal with less severe abuses such as copyright infringement and abusive mail.

Facebook uses artificial intelligence to ban fake and dangerous publications. Strict measures to stop hate speech. Harassment and false news.


Facebook said it would assess the seriousness of the publication according to three criteria. Prevalence, risk, and possible violation of the rules.

For example, an obscene and violent magazine in sites of racial unrest gives the highest priority. Either automatically removed by machine learning algorithms or transferred to the manager for evaluation and immediate action.

“All content violations continue to receive some human review,” said Ryan Barnes, production manager for facebook’s community safety team. We will use this system to prioritize content better. We expect to use more automation when a content violation exists less severe. Especially if the content exists not fast-spreading.”

Facebook Has Stood Accused

Facebook has stood accused of mishandling accounts during the recent unrest. As the company was prosecuted after the fatal shooting by guards.

A group demanding law enforcement in their community without state authority – landed in Kenosha, Wisconsin. After protests against police officers who seriously injured a black man after living shot during his arrest. The suit alleges that Facebook failed to remove the pages of the group involved in the shooting.
A survey conducted during the pandemic by a non-profit organization revealed 3.8 billion views on Facebook of misleading content related to covid-19.

Sometimes criticism stands directed at very cautious facebook managers. For example, the guardian complained in June that readers who had posted a historical photograph had been banned and warned on Facebook.

A picture of semi-naked indigenous men chained in western Australia existed taken in the 1890s in response to Australian prime minister Scott Morrison’s denial that his country held once been involved in slavery.

Morrison retracted his comments after the article and photo stood published. Facebook later apologized for incorrectly classifying the image as inappropriate.

Facebook officials say the machine learning app exists as part of an ongoing effort to stop the spread of dangerous, abusive. And misleading information while ensuring that legitimate publications exist not banned.

An Example Of The Challenges Facing Facebook

a massive protest virtual group called for a recount of the 2020 u.s. Election votes, which included 400,000 members within days. Were created that Facebook did not block the group.

Although the recount request is not against the law. The massive wave of misinformation about alleged voting violations — charges that officials have categorically rejected in all states — exists a disturbing warning about the ability of misinformation to create political views.

Chris Paul, a member of facebook’s safety team, said: “the system is about combining artificial intelligence with human reviews to minimize errors. Artificial intelligence will never exist perfect.”

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