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Critical App write for us.


Five essential apps to help bloggers manage their work tasks and boost productivity

Dynalist is writing App that lets you organize your thoughts by corresponding to a dynamic list—permitting bloggers to manage all their thoughts in one place before they start writing.

The App’s overlapping menu functionality helps you add new captions and ideas to your content creation plan. In addition, it allows you to upload files that make it easy for you to watch the multi-media file you want to add to the Content.

critical app write for us

You can write about the following topics.


  • Accessories
  • Application
  • gadget
  • Games
  • iPhone
  • technology news
  • review
  • Software
  • Android
  • mobile phones
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Hardware
  • camera
  • Electronic
  • WordPress Themes
  • hosting

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Guest Posting Guidelines


Appropriate Headings: Before sending us an article, make sure the essay has enough H1, H2 and H3, and split long paragraphs into shorter paragraphs to make the writing more accessible for readers to read.

Plagiarism Control: We consider plagiarism a severe threat to our website. Therefore, please post unique and relevant Content on our blog.

Avoid Grammar Errors: Avoid simple grammatical errors that reduce the effectiveness of the article. Check out the article on to avoid mistakes.

Images: We would appreciate it if you could include high-quality and relevant images to help viewers better understand the article. Please create an image size that fits 1200*800 pixels and avoid copyright issues.

Article Word Count: We recommend that you write an article of at least 600+ words. Avoid rewriting the article by copying it from different blogs.

Document format: We would appreciate it if you could submit the article in a Microsoft Word document or Google Docs.


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