multiple locations – Mapping software allows users to plot addresses on a custom Google map in a few basic steps. Users can conquer their data in a few moments, displaying comprehensive maps for their company or business. Once you gain control over the information, you’ll be able to interpret and understand the data overall.

If you’re using mapping software, creating a map is often simple. Log into the program and locate the data file on your device. Most applications allow Excel spreadsheets, Google Sheets, CRM files, or a direct copy and paste function. The software will map multiple locations instantly to the geographic map automatically.

When the data uploads to the software, create the map. The automated process will instantly upload all data points on the map, whether a few points or thousands of locations.

Mapping Software Tools and Features

Locate different directions between multiple locations automatically. Mapping software is ideal for sales teams automatically handling numerous clients and delivery routes. With route planning functionality and optimizer function, your mapping software can offer the most efficient route between other areas. Similarly, Google Maps will provide route optimization, although developing the most efficient route isn’t possible.

Completely Customize Your Map Marker Icons

Many mapping programs offer built-in options for marker styles and icons, including branded options. Look for mapping software that allows exporting map images, especially if you want to add the content to presentations or marketing materials.

Find Mapping Software that Integrates with Various Datasets

Mapping software should enable hundreds or thousands of addresses or datasets simultaneously. Look for built-in search functionality, especially for built-in search functionality. Many programs should work with an automated integration or manually add locations to the map.

Uncover Google Maps Reliability

When using mapping software that integrates with Google Maps, anything accessible on Google becomes available through the application. Users won’t need a complete address to enter the data onto the map. Find the location on Google maps using the built-in Google places search.

Helpful Tips for Mapping Multiple Locations

Making it readable is critical when a user has too many locations on the map. Anyone with less than 100 locations will likely be able to leave the information as is. A company with extensive data sets will probably need to adjust the map’s appearance.

Cluster the Pins on the Map

Mapping software often offers variations of marker types, especially when they don’t appear individually. This helps with very dense sets of pins in specific map locations. Multiple points may occur as a more significant marker with the total sum of points displayed on the marker data.

The Map Filter Tool

Look for mapping software with filtering capabilities, especially location filtering. Map filtering allows a deeper understanding of your data. Filtering will limit the number of addresses attached to the map according to specific requirements.

Build a Heat Map

A heat map allows organizations to better understand their customer base through density colors instead of individual pins. The heat map is presented as a color-coded circle, using the data aggregated within a specific location. Users can determine the maximum density color with a shifting scale according to the parameters outlined.


While Google Maps does allow manual input of multiple locations on a map, mapping software allows an automated option for companies. Automating the entire process allows business owners to streamline their information, improving consumer understanding. As a result, users can develop deeper consumer insight, better competitive analysis, and future development strategies. Additionally, business owners can determine optimized routes for deliveries and territory development. While Google Maps is free to use, the added functionality with mapping software is an essential component.