Childhood trauma test from Bettermind website helps people to recover as soon as possible. At Betterme, people visit to recover from anxiety, stress, Guilt, Abandonment.

Better me is working for a reasonable cost and wants to recover many people. This blog discusses the childhood trauma test from, how it works, and what plans are.

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This program is built for people facing guilt, stress, anxiety and many more negative problems. On, they provide a guide to meditation, Breathing exercises, mindfulness, and techniques for stress removal.

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Meanwhile, Mind. Better, me is the new concept website of the official betterme website. Therefore, there is no more data available for mind better me.

Childhood trauma test from mind. Trending on Tiktok?

Childhood trauma test from mind. Trending on Tiktok?


Before starting on the childhood trauma test from mind. Recently, in America, Tik Tok. Some good creators started a new Quiz challenge. It is named the childhood trauma test from

In addition, this quiz shows your childhood trauma, which impacts your life till today.

As per Mashable, the site privacy policy reveals this test is a data collection tool. Many Tik Tokers share their childhood traumas, but they don’t know this program is run with AI features and keeps all their data.

Therefore, the childhood trauma test from has 12.5 million views.

How to take the BetterMe Childhood Trauma TikTok Quiz

The test is available on BetterMe, a subscription-based behavioral healthcare app. When taking the test, you will be asked 18 questions about what childhood memories you have and whether you were punished as a child.

Once you have answered all 18 questions, you will be asked for an email address before viewing your answer. Let me warn you, though, the answer is painfully accurate. Provides you with such a personal summary.

Then based on your answers, the test identifies facts that negatively affect your well-being. These categories include the trauma of rejection, the trauma of abandonment, the trauma of betrayal, and the trauma of injustice. Based on your answers, you will then be told which level you are in. You can take the BetterMe Childhood Trauma Quiz from TikTok here.

Obviously, you shouldn’t take any TikTok quizzes as gospel because there’s rarely an iota of science behind them. Anyway, enjoy reading shit!

What is Childhood Trauma Test?

The childhood Trauma test asks you several questions, like what childhood memories do you have?

Have you been scolded in your childhood? And many more like this. Therefore, you will be asked to enter your email to check your mental health.

Your result will be shown in their dashboard. You can also see your levels of anxiety and stress. At last, they offer you health improvement plans you must pay for.

Childhood trauma test from mind. Questions

What childhood memories do you have?

  1. Mostly
  2. Negatives
  3. Difficult of remember
  4. I’m not sure

What did your family look like?

  1. Single parents
  2. Two parents
  3. Others

Have ever punished in childhood?

  1. All time
  2. Often
  3. Rarely
  4. Never

Have You Been Slapped?

  1. All time
  2. Often
  3. Rarely
  4. Never

Do you ever feel like your dreams/ideas were rejected?

  1. Always
  2. Not sure

What is related to you most now?

  1. No longer relationship or friendship
  2. Negative thinker or overthinking
  3. Difficult to trust people
  4. Other

How many times do you feel stressed?

  1. Never
  2. Rarely
  3. Often
  4. Always

Have you felt anxious or on edge in the past two weeks?

  1. Not really
  2. Once or twice
  3. Yes, often
  4. I’m always anxious

How hard to you to fall asleep?

  1. I fall asleep ASA I’m in bed
  2. It takes up to 15 minutes
  3. toss and turn for an hour
  4. I have real trouble falling asleep


Before doing any quiz, beware of AI tools which can cost you in future difficulties. Therefore, in this blog, we have share with you all the new challenges of Tik Tok childhood trauma test from

Betterme world is based on Ukrain health subscription health platform with two products betterme health coaching and betterme Mental health.

Meanwhile, the above given information are provide from solid sources and we have not make any mistake while researching childhood trauma test from I hope you liked our content.


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