Some of the workers conducted a small study published in the journal plus one on human interaction with robots. Which validated that humans can intuitively coordinate with a robot if the robot moves similarly to humans.

Like most social animals, humans reflect their behaviours and expressions; psychologists call this act a tradition, in which humans feel positive while they are and interact with each other. “When humans interact, they adopt each other’s speaking, breathing, and moving rhythms. This represents a kind of social cohesion,” says researcher Giles of Sergei pontoons university in France.

The tradition or similarity between different species such as humans and monkeys helps to bond between them, says the scientist: “if we have this type of interaction between man and robot. They can be developed into intuitive interactions.”

They found that humans reflect the movement of robots they interact with and that rhythmic coordination between humans and robots is similar to that between humans.

Simple Experiment – People against Robots

The researchers conducted a simple experiment, putting 15 people against a robot called nao-nao. Individuals put their arms in front of them and moved them up and down. And the robot did the same, too. People didn’t know if the robot was doing it independently or reacting to their movements. And imitating them.

Controls the robot’s movement by a computer operating an algorithm that allows the robot to either synchronize human activities or move at a constant pace.

The researchers then asked people to move the way they wanted, regardless of robot movements. They then asked them to try to imitate robot movements and experience the state of people moving freely while wearing an eye band.

Through those experiments, the researchers observed that almost all people’s movements matched those of the robot, except for someone who was always moving irregularly with the robot.

They said they didn’t manage to match this person’s movements and sync them to the robot, even when he used the neural model he developed to synchronize human activities with the robot. Thinking he was deliberately avoiding synchronizing robot movements.

Most participants noticed that they coincided with the robot but were unsure whether the robot’s movements were the same as theirs or that the robot was adjusting its movements. So they suggested a way to make sure the robot meant EEG-fMRI (a neuroimaging technique to study electrical brain activity) to determine the pattern of behaviour.

Should Engineers Teach Robots Simple Social Skills?

They were part of a team that used the nao robot with schizophrenic patients to coordinate their movements. Helping them perform normal social interactions because many of them do not exercise regularly and suffer from social disabilities.

Asked to study the effect of the robot in patients with catatonia (a disease that freezes people’s movements), the team observed the tradition of patients’ movements unconsciously and consciously. Hence, he thinks the robot can help in this case. Unintended coordination is essential in human social environments, perhaps because it is linked to intelligence, attention and learning. Because it is necessary for human interaction. It is necessary for the interaction between man and robot.

So, Does That Affect The Design Of Robots In The Future?

Engineers are moving away from powerful mechanical robots and moving toward softer robots with human or animal physiological characteristics. Which help make movements. And gestures are more natural. They believe that robotic systems need to interact with us. From which new algorithms with natural mobility and sensory reactions must be built.

And do not have to be too complex to be effective. “if I try to predict everything you’re doing, our interaction won’t be normal. We don’t need to control or anticipate the position of each expression,” says the team. because simple concepts make two-way interactions more flexible. Such as nodding the head when listening to someone else to know you’re listening to.”

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