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Conspiracy to assassinate President Bush by an Iraqi man 25-05-2022 latest news



Caasimada is an online news channel that informs people by notifying them through digital, newspapers, websites, etc.

This Casimada was establish in 2009 by a Somali American journalist.

According to Caasimada, this news channel covers politics and social society news. 

However, caasimada is the most important news site in Somalia.

In this blog, you will find top news by Casimada, so read the whole article for more information.

More About Casimada

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To join casimada social accounts, you have to understand which one is the official page of casimada. Moreover, nowadays, everyone is making fake accounts of every actor, Politician and more. However, We digital tech spot has brought you their official pages where you can join them and get full benefits of the latest news.

Caasimada Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest open platforms to keep your opinions, and this page has a massive following of 14.3k people are joining casimada

What did they do?

This Somali news channel gives us information on the latest news, Politician, war, and more…

This account was created on October 2009

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Like Twitter, Instagram is the biggest, most used platform today. Moreover, 2b+  are used Instagram. Caasimada have 5.3 followers on Instagram

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Casimada Online, founded in 2012 and based in Mogadishu, is the largest online Somali news outlet. Moreover. 177k have joined their Facebook page

Casimada Latest News: Once Again, Hassan sheikh Mahmud Selected as President Of Somalia. 

Somalia handed the presidency to Hassan Sheikh Mohamed for the second time after a long-awaited election on Sunday in the troubled African Horn nation, facing an Islamic insurgency and the threat of famine.

After a marathon opinion poll broadcasting 36 candidates live on state television, parliamentary officials counted 214 votes in favour of former President Mohamed, far more than the number need to defeat the incumbent Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, who is known as Pharmajo.

 After Farmajo’s term ended without elections in February 2021, celebrated cannons exploded in Mogadishu, with many wishing the vote would mark a line underneath a political situation that has lasted more than a year. For More entertaiment you can also read this blog to ghd sports app

A fire in the Somaliland market can cause $ 2 billion in damage – Casimada Online News.

According to officials in the Somali Autonomous Region, a massive fire destroyed property worth up to $ 2 billion in a huge market in the Somaliland capital. 

Moreover, at least 28 people were injure in a fire Friday night that destroy Waheen Market.

In addition, the main source of livelihood for Hargeisa residents.

Therefore, the damage at the threshold of the holy month of Ramadan has caused despair among many at home.

And united efforts among outsiders who say they will help Somaliland rebuild the market.

However, preliminary report released by a national task force estimated that the fires caused between $ 1.5 billion and $ 2 billion in damage.

Conspiracy to assassinate President Bush by an Iraqi man

An Iraqi man seeking political asylum in the United States is plotting to assassinate former President George W. Bush, the Justice Department said Tuesday.

Shihab Ahmed Shihab, 52, told an unnamed FBI agent that he wanted to smuggle.

Thus, At least four other Iraqis came into the United States via the Mexican border.

 According to a case filed by the FBI in federal court in Columbus, Ohio, took part in the conspiracy.

Two of the conspirators would have been former Iraqi intelligence officials.

Meanwhile, the other two would have been members of ISIS or a Qatar-based group called Shihab “al-Qaeda.”

Shihab told an FBI agent that they wanted to assassinate Bush, who ordered the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

“because they supposed he was responsible for killing many Iraqis and destroying the entire country,” according to court documents.

However, he also claimed to be the nephew of former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdad.

Who killed Americans after the raid.

Shihab was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with one count of felony criminal mischief.

And Also, one count of conspiracy to commit felony criminal mischief.

Columbus, a Columbus resident, and an FBI agent conspired to visit Dallas, Texas, to inspect Bush’s residence and to discuss the availability of weapons, security uniforms, and vehicles. Use conspiracy.

He also asked someone else who worked closely with the FBI but did not know he was helping smuggle members.

Of his family and promised tens of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, Shihab arrived in the United States on a visit in September 2020 and applied for asylum in March 2021, when his visa expired.

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Caasimada Online

IF you visit the official page of Casimada, you will also find a job opportunity here. 

I have found the latest job by Casimada. 

The Federal Election Action Team (GHDHF) has again announced that it has taken over the website management.

And also social media platforms used by the Commission, such as Facebook and Twitter. Leran more about this at

However, a letter to the Commission, signed by the committee’s chairman Muse Guelleh, said that the Commission would inform the interests of the election and all Somalis that the Commission’s social media had taken over.

Therefore, Commission also said that this was an indication of “serious irregularities” and steps was being taken to disrupt the electoral process.

“The fact that the Commission is taking over all social media sites shows the lack of accountability and disruption in the electoral process,” the statement said.

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At last, the [caasimada] site will bring you all the latest news, job opportunities, and more.

However, [Caasimada] is an online news channel that informs people by notifying them through digital, newspapers, websites, etc.

This Caasimada was establish in 2009 by a Somali American journalist.

According to Csimada, this news channel covers politics and social society news. 

However, casimada is the most important news site in Somalia.

Meanwhile, if you like our blog and news then follow our more article and share it with your friends and family to explore them in lates 2022 world technology and news.

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