Microsoft’s Xbox platform has various control arms that you can use with it. The quality of these arms and the additional features vary, and the an apparent difference between arms in their colours and extras.

Some of these arms come officially from Microsoft, while others come from overseas companies but are designed in collaboration with Microsoft.

The Best Controller in General for Xbox

The standard Xbox wireless controller that comes with the new generation of devices is generally one of the best control arms.

This arm uses BlueTooth connectivity to connect to other devices such as mobile devices or personal computers and a unique wireless connection to Xbox. Microsoft has also relied on the USB c port to charge external batteries — sold separately — or connect the arm to different devices.

The company has also developed the shape of the arm’s D-Pad and its various control buttons to give it a greater life span.

The company also added a sharing button such as PlayStation 5 controllers to share screenshots and clips directly. You can use Microsoft’s official Xbox arm design site to design your control arm to be unique.

Best Wired Arm for Xbox

Razer offers an Xbox arm with a very close design to the official arm but depends on wired communication.

This means that the arm must be close to the device to operate only by wired communication, which comes under Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma.

The arm has a wide range of features, such as rear buttons at the back of it, professional control arms. And customizable RGB lighting in the entire peninsula.

The arm comes at a slightly higher price than the other arms despite a wired connection. But this is expected due to the Razer brand and the overall arm quality.

The Best Economic Arm

PowerA Enhanced is one of Microsoft’s best official economic control arms and has built quality and features that outperform higher-priced arms.

This arm has two reprogrammable buttons on the back of the device. And a unique controller to control the sound of the external speaker.

The arm uses Xbox wired connectivity. But you can switch the cable that comes with it with a slightly longer one for better comfort.

Best Value for Price

Xbox’s professional control arms feature a lot of unique customization choices that add new arm functions.

Professionals, therefore, prefer to use these arms because they offer them significant competitive advantages during online group play.

But these arms come at a slightly higher price than the rest of the device control arms. So fusion Pro 2 is the best controller that offers value for the cost of an Xbox.

The device offers all the critical features you find in professional arms and customization options. You can also change arm faces and colours by quickly removing the removable upper part of the arm and purchasing its switch parts.

However, the arm uses wired communication instead of wireless. Making it inappropriate for some users.

The Best Professional Control Arm

The Xbox Wireless Controller Series 2 arm is one of the most professional control arms available for Xbox.

Microsoft’s arm is officially available, so don’t worry about the various compatibility problems between the component and the platform. The arm may look similar to Microsoft’s previous first generation, but the company has strengthened it by incorporating metals into the exterior body design.

In addition, several external buttons are available that the user can use and replace with the internal controls in the device in advance. The arm also has an internal battery that comes integrated with it. And you can charge it with a USB c cable that comes in advance with the arm.

But this arm is faulty for the cost of buying it, as it is one of the most expensive Xbox outer arms that you can buy externally.

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