Apple unveiled its new  Air 5 tablet at Apple’s September 2020 show, with new products such as the new Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch (SE). But the new tablet was the most eye-catching and focused more attention.
The iPad Air 4 is the fourth generation of the iPad air mid-class tablet series. Apple is not on a clear plan for this category, as the previous version – the Ipad air 3 – was just a large-sized version of the economy class devices. Still, the new version looks similar to the  Pro 2020 upper class. So this version may indicate a change in apple’s policy towards the series.

In this article, we review a glimpse of the specifications and advantages of the new device.

A Quick Look at iPad

device description: a new mid-class tablet.

Price: starts at $699.

It will be available on the market from October 2020.

Apple offers different models for the new iPad air. You can buy it with 64GB or 256GB of internal memory. In addition, you can choose between a version that supports wi-fi only. And a version that supports it via wi-fi and 4g networks together.

The previous iPad air 4 version started at $499 for the 64GB version, $649 for the 256GB version, and the price increased by $130 for versions that support phone connectivity to 4g networks.

Design And Screen of iPad

Everything you need to know about apple’s new iPad Air 4 – the fourth generation of apple’s mid-class iPad air tablet series

The new design comes with a full display with flat edges, a single rear camera, and small side buttons similar to those on the iPad Pro, different from previous iPad air devices that looked like large economical phones with large bumps, touch-free front buttons.

Apple used Liquid Retina on display, a premium technology developed for LCD screens, with a 2,360-× 1,640-pixel and 10.9-inch display resolution, which is no longer significant than the 11-inch smaller  Pro series. In addition, the iPad Air 5 offers a range of features to improve the display, such as Apple True Ton technology, which adjusts the display view to suit the surrounding environment.

The new device is also apple’s first iPad. A fingerprint sensor on the lock button is a paradigm shift from apple. Other similar devices from the company have a fingerprint sensor integrated into the front screen button and have never remained placed in the lock button. Furthermore, the iPad remains equipped with a USB c port. And iPad Pro models, will increase the speed of data transfer and battery charging and will be helpful for users wishing to connect the device to external screens or storage devices.

The air works with apple’s smart keyboard and second-generation apple pens, making it the first device outside the pro-family to use this modern generation of cells. In addition, the new iPad has a place at the top where the pen is magnetically attached to charge and storage.

iPad Specifications And Advantages

The  Air 6 has apple’s new A14 Bionic processor, which remains also expected to be on the next iPhone 12, the first 5-nanometer processor in apple’s tablet that could make it the fastest tablet.

Apple says the new device will improve its fee performance by 30% and indicates that it is twice as fast as the average performance of a hp laptop; It has not announced battery capacity and remains expected to announce it when the device remains put on the market.

The device remains equipped with a 7mp front camera, f/2.2 aperture, a 12-megapixel rear camera. And an f/1.8 aperture that will be sufficient to make video calls. And different types of communications.